Rooibos tea bags

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Hi ,does anyone know where I can buy Redbush(Rooibos) tea bags from please ??? I can't see them in the supermarkets !! many thanks

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emarby 1450781038

I have seen it in some of the bio supemarkets such as the one at Soyaux, facing Leroy Merlin.

I guess other bio supermarkets will have it. Like you, I have never seen it in a mainstream supermarket.

sammie-541888 1450795827

I have found them in the past at leclerc or intermarche but they don't always have them in stock and they are not so strong as English tea bags for redbush.

Richie S 1452723405

Hi, if you haven't  found any, la clef des champs in niort (bessines) definitely has rooibos and loads of other teas!

sammyg-946202 1452725949

thanks for all the help with this ..... can have a nice cuppa now !!!

lowe86 1452774635

If it helps and you live anywhere near Civray I am doing an Asda order arriving next Weds so could get you some.  Lynn

sammyg-946202 1452778306

Thanks for the offer Lynn but I'm ok for now and we're popping back to the UK for a few days next month so I'll stock up then !!!!


Lakulcards 1452804745

I bought mine in Intermarche in the bio/gluten free section.

sammyg-946202 1452849139

thanks for the info

maryburke 1453824138

The Irish Belle Tea-rooms here in Confolens 16500 have Redbush Tick tock ON sale as well as many other English food Items. 


Les Ponts-540965 1453898101

Supermarkets that sell the "Alter Eco" range have Rooibos Nature teabags:


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