sour cream substitute?

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Trying to make cheesecake to Laura Vitale recipie.. need sour cream but its not available in France... what is used over here please?

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marshmallow66 1510755112

crème fraîche. :-)

countrydweller 1510755810

No need to get it on a Tescos order either!

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1510762924

Oh, come, come, countrydweller - you'll upset some of the thin skinned habitués here by suggesting that man shall not live by Tesco alone! :-)

LaChab 1510769446

dodderyoldman 1510843329

you just have to avoid at all costs the pretentious brits over here most of whom have reinvented themselves

dodderyoldman 1510843628

thank you marshmallow66 for helpful advice... there are a few kind souls on here who don't try and make you feel as if 'why are you living in France?' ... yet again... and it is getting boring now... there are a few things we PREFER to have from the Uk and if it costs more then SO BE IT !!! so move on Coutrydweller get a life!

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1510852661

Have you yet made your cheesecake, dodderyoldman? And if so, did you use crème fraîche rather than sour cream? And did that work?

marshmallow66 1510949523

Dodderyoldman,again well said.

Too many keyboard warriors with too much time on their hands.

Cheesecake made with mascarpone isn't too bad either. :-)

dodderyoldman 1511000844

Haven't started yet.. will try sometime next week.. ta for now 

I will not be looking at this post again.. there used to be a way of closing them down   I see there are like minded people who dislike these Brits who think they are gods gift to 'Living in France and consider themselves superior to the rest of us. In our village there are even a few who don't speak to the English speakers ''' they prefer to speak with their 'French friends only... they are a waste of space and not as special as they think they are!!!

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