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Morning, I have had a Super U loyalty card for 12 months and I just wondered if someone could tell me how do I redeem the points that I have amassed? I know how they work at Carrefour and Le Clerc. Thanks

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lancashirelass-558303 1333284441

You change them for items in their catalogue i.e. Kitchen, garden, electrical goods, toys etc. The items are displayed in a book on their Customer Servic desk but last week in my local store in Chabanais they had small paper catalogues for customers to take away. I've had a hoover, George Foreman grill and a camera and the goods are of good quality. Your current points are always shown on the bottom of your bills.

Dwain Pipe-576120 1333285425

That's great thank you very much. I'll have a look in their catalouge next time I go shopping.

Carole.H-541932 1333285783

You can also change the points up for super u vouchers to spend on your shopping.

vanessa_graham-543977 1333293051

You can register online and check out your points and gifts there too

herby-575856 1333404422

Hi All, how does it work for Le Clerc, is it the same too ?

Diddle-545494 1333411901

Do they still steal them back if you don't cash them in within 12 months. After 5 years I thought I would have amassed a small fortune but I was told I had very few accrued. Personally I would rather just have lower prices as I'm not loyal to any supermarket.

squidlip 1333547688

What about the carrefour card?have been using it for 12 months now and have been waiting for vouchers in the post like tesco.does anyone no how that one works?

lancashirelass-558303 1333548608

I don't have a Leclerc card but my friend does and I've heard her say she needs to use her points up or she will lose them.

Little Ann-543052 1333549169

All the information about each particular supermarket can be found by looking at their websites...

hollandcasinos 1424027610

I have accrued 75 euros on my fidelity card. I went to the super market without my wallet. I thought no problem i will use my fidelity card ( small card attached to my car keys).When i tried to use  the card i was told i only have 10 euros yet my last receipt shows 75 euros. Has anybody any idea where i am going wrong.Incidently Super U,s computer is saying i only have 10 euros yet the cashiers receipt says 75 euros . Any time limit on these cards that i am not aware of

Many thanks for any help

Intheshed 1424028479

Dunno about the others, but Carrefour Market gives you a 4 number code, which you enter in the card reader (even if not using a card) and it knocks off the credit from your current purchase, or, in the last case, just cancelled it out. Pleasant surprise.

sjk-561246 1424028996

At leclerc you never lose  your points but the money on your card has to be used by december 31st or that disappears

Amanda-Martinez-863787 1519148744

I tried to register my super u card online and it kept telling me my date of birth was incorrect!!!!! not sure what happened there. Anyway, my French is awful so how do I get this sorted? Thanks.

perusia 1519161935

You can use the points at the checkout for immediate money off your shopping bill as well

borjastick-512278 1519303458

Carrefour requires you to register an account online on their customer service web site. You then get a code which can be used to cash in your money at the till. It runs out at the end of each calendar year. Super U or U Express etc can be exchanged at the till for cash. Intermarche is similar to these but in my experience you get more money at Intermarche than the others.

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