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  Hi, does anyone know the best supermarket for home deliveries and how it works and how to join..?-I'm about 20 miles from Auchan and 5 miles from Intermarche, is there a set cost per km and is it free under a certain amount...?many thankseddie 

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Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1520165101

Whilst I'm aware that many supermarkets offer an online order service, often with a dedicated collection point on site, I wasn't aware that any offer a home delivery service. I've never seen, on the roads, delivery vans with branded liveries (as opposed to the supermarket hire vans). I know that there are frozen food sellers, from which one can order online or by telephone, who provide a home delivery service. Do any French supermarkets offer an online order and home delivery service?

ams86 1520165998

some of the large city based supermarkets offer delivery within the city, but i have yet to find any smaller towns offering this or large ones offering it outside of the city itself.

There are specialist frozen food companies that offer home deliveries on specific dates for each area, these tend to be more expensive though.

edmundo-560662 1520169012

Thanks, just found out that , intermarche do It and with a  really good app....

Penny76 1520182583

....well, don't keep us in suspense!....please tell us which Intermarche does home delivery?

rollerboy 1520236438

Hello Penny76 - edmundo is having you on ...

sniper 1520238692

This may help.............

sniper 1520239030

And for the app............

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