Taiwanais Whisky

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Don't all rush now,but I see Leclerc is selling Taiwanais whiskey for the princely sum of 38€16. in a fancy peppermint green bottle. For my part I think I will stick with a bottle of  Glenlfiddich  for around half the price.

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old english 1512656319

You cannot beat a good Glenlfiddich never had a bad one yet.

pimpernelalba 1512737083

Funny,...... a friend of mine gave me a little snifter of that very stuff a week or two ago.

I couldn't say it was undrinkable, but in truth, any serious whisky drinker wouldn't give it house room, other than as an oddity.......but I must admit to being a scot, in order that i declare an interest here.

      Have a wee dram if you run across it, but at the risk of seeming all too parochial, i I can't see Glenfiddich ( yum,yum) , Laphroaig, or Glenmorangie going out of business anytime soon.

Southern Guy 1512757323

You all have alot to learn or just minus the coke in your tasting.

chèvrefeuille 1512757457

Surely no Scot would compare whisky and whiskey?

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