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Maurice2 1511187288

Hi does anyone have info as to whether the shop is still open . have visited on more one occasion after 10 am to find it shuttered and closed

Southern Guy 1511198221

With a name as such, I would not think it would have to many products..

You can always ask the mayor or look on infogreffe..

chèvrefeuille 1511198720

Phone them on 05 49 87 58 27. According to the Green Man Facebook page they will be open tomorrow.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1511198933

Why not telephone and ask? You'll find the telephone number given at If the number is unavailable, you might draw the obvious conclusion.

Maurice2 1511263911

thanks everyone for your replies , visited the shop this morning and it was open but stocks are pretty depleted,   they are expecting a delivery beginning of December

sammie-541888 1511279345

Their opening times are certainly a bit hap hasard, not open when they say they are. Stocks are also not always constant, but if you dont have other options. There is also one in Civray but again not a great choice.

rollerboy 1511283682

Hello Maurice2  - there is an English Shop named 'Petticoat Lane' in Chabanais, just across the river close by the Mairie, that carries a reasonable stock given the iffy nature of their business now that French supermarkets carry many items and the Internet offers almost everything. Their margin must be under pressure, and Brexit will finish them altogether.

natgreenland-119442 1511970978


We have only been opening 9 till 12 for the last few weeks as Charlie has just had a baby so it's been a bit tricky to keep on full shop hours as well as running the pub every night too. From next week we'll be back to our normal hours (10h00 till 17h00, Tuesday till Saturday). There's a delivery coming on Monday or Tuesday so we'll be stocked up again soon. 



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