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Who would be the best delivery service in your opinion for a Tesco/Asda food shop? Thank you in advance Marie 

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countrydweller 1517153698

At the risk of getting my head bitten off again Are there no supermarkets in your part of France? Why would you pay through the nose to have food sent from the UK?

old english 1517154161

Hi Countrydweller I am with you all the way

tim17 1517159147

I really don't see the problem of buying UK food products, we went to Bordeaux yesterday and saw a shop specialising in Russian foods, perhaps I should have gone in and said 'what's wrong with cassoulet and andouillette'?

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1517160934

Maybe there are things that the OP wants to eat which simply cannot be bought in France?

ruth-roberts-898305 1517161381

depends what you need,if its frozen goods it may be very difficult,but everything else i have a very good driver who does this every fornight,uk to france to spain.

you choose the super market have it paid for at his local branch and arrange a meeting place,this goes for almost anthing as he drives a 17m3 van,please contact me and i will send you the details.

Marie-Marsden-913486 1517161888

We do have a variety of supermarkets in our area, but with the ever increasing cost of my weekly shop I thought I would look into other options.  U.K. Supermarkets often have offers on products which I could take advantage of to cover the cost of delivery.  For example, Tetley tea bags are around €4 for 80, I can get 240 for £3.00 in the Uk and also have a long shelf life.  I was astonished to find chicken fillet at a whopping €7.79 per kg at my local supermarket this week, therefore I didn't buy it.  But, it has prompted me to look into other options. Thank you for your interest.

tim17 1517162542

I have to admit that I do have some sense of guilt when I think of the miles the foodstuffs have travelled if we get them sent from the UK so we do limit what we buy. At the same time though I also think of what is available in the local supermarkets in their normal range that has travelled thousands of miles. 

chèvrefeuille 1517174285

Last time I was in the UK I was surprised by how expensive supermarket shopping was, I had expected to find everything as cheap as chips so I was very disappointed. There were some buy one get one free offers which would have brought the prices down but they were on products that I did not need and which, in most cases would have been unsuitable to transport to France. 

chezsol-558835 1517176351

man crying out loud its sad, sad, please support the French economy, why are you here? RHD c'mon

chèvrefeuille 1517179525

You’re right, it was four hours ago. Nearly midnight now. 

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1517208219

The EU has all these stupid rights like freedom of movement that it imposed on us Brits, allowing us to move here. We'll soon be out of all that, thank goodness. But the EU better not try to take away our right to cherry pick.

Monty-Morgan-915698 1517208959

Try mouse2house. ObViously it depends on your location but a list of delivery points are on their website.

They accept deliveries from Asda, Morrisons etc and you then pay I believe20% of your shopping bill on top.

tim17 1517211428

I think the majority of expats do support the French economy but surely everyone has the right to buy what they want and from where they want.

rowin-546313 1517215056

No , when I lived in the UK I did not buy Fench cheese , French wine or German lager. I only purchased electrical goods made in the UK ; its a long drive from China !  What a strange attitude some people have. There are certain things only obtainable here by paying stupid prices ( Bitter , Marmite etc ) & even adding the delivery costs its still pays to get them from the UK. And this environment thing ; most goods you buy are imported anyway ! I will spend the  money that I earned  when & where I want thanks . If you knockers want to give me some money then you are perfectly entitled to tell me where I can spend it but until then do be quiet

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1517220182

Yes, you 'knockers', you musn't have an opinion - or, at least, you musn't express it to those who don't want to hear it!

chèvrefeuille 1517221540

Rowin, I bought French produce when I lived in Britain but I bought them from supermarkets and high street stores and they were only a small part of my shopping, probably smaller than the amount of Italian produce I bought. I certainly didn’t order those items directly from the overseas shops. Here I’ve seen people collecting their entire two weeks shopping from the British delivery lorry. Marmalade and Marmite I can understand but potatoes, carrots, toilet paper, shampoo and kitchen towels?

rowin-546313 1517232504

I'm sorry but my point was , whenever anybody asks about the UK shopping lorries , the response is always the same. People don't answer the op just do a rant about "support French economy ,only buy French products or pay hugely inflated prices for English food through local supermarkets " . At least 95% of my UK based income is spent right here but ,if I wanted to ,I could buy all my goods from the UK & it would be nobody else's affair & would not affect anybody else. Its the "holier than thou " brigade who seem to think because thats the way they want to live then we should all be the same. I'm not going to go without my marmite ,English bitter & the occasional slice of "pappy" English bread ( you can't beat it with French bacon for a wonderful bacon sarnie ) just to make myself feel more French. Go to Dover or Ashford to see all the French doing a day trip just to stock up on English goods & tell them to go home & support their own economy & see where it gets you !

Lucy 1517263155

So to actually answer your question...blightyshop is very good but you would need to check their website to see if they deliver near you. 

jon mon-631802 1517295373

Blightyshop every time.

Monty-Morgan-915698 1517302744

What is the difference between Blighty shop and mouse2house please?

countrydweller 1517304906

You could always look on their websites M2H charges 22.5% of your shopping total Blighty Shop charges between 20 AND 30% +VAT  so how can that be cheaper than popping down the road

At least I appear to have survived unscathed this time :)

George Stephenson 1517305489


"You could always look on their websites M2H charges 22.5% of your
shopping total Blighty Shop charges between 20 AND 30% +VAT  so how can
that be cheaper than popping down the road"


"For example, Tetley tea bags are around €4 for 80, I can get 240 for £3.00 in the Uk and also have a long shelf life. "

Do the math.

Laurie Driver 1517307770

Hello Marie-Marsden,

My wife always uses British Corner Shop and says they have a wide range of goods and offer very good value for money.

If your order for ambient goods (non chilled) comes to more than £100.00 they don't charge for delivery.



Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1517308185

.... and also don't forget the cost of driving, perhaps two hours or more and maybe once per week, to the nearest 'drop off' location as neither of these operations deliver to your door. Taking account of this and the point made by countrydweller, quite quickly the true cost of doing your shopping in the UK has increased significantly. But as previous posters have said, that's their prerogative. They pay their money and they take their choice. It's not for me to tell them that their saving on Tetley teabags is not quite what they think it is - if there is one at all! 

Laurie Driver 1517308619

British Corner Shop actually deliver to your door.



Allo-allo 1517318720

I have used both Tesco and ASDA for my uk shopping and use Blighty shop to deliver, they are very reliable and deliver to the same place as my local shop so I do not have to drive a long way to collect it.  ASDA are very good if they substitute an item or something is missing, you just go online and fill in details and you are refunded.  Not had anything from tesco so cannot say how easy it is for this senario.  Adsa have a lower limit for ordering and can sometimes be cheaper for their delivery shop.  I use both depending on their offers for that week.

As for why I shop from there.......all the items i buy from there are cheap enough (and more!) to cover the delivery..for example, red onions, butternut squash, corn on the cob, just to mention a few items, then there are the items that  cannot get here (without considerable cost), mushy peas, marmite, custard powder, english sausages, bacon............and a decent steak!  I can live without these items, but why should I if there is an easy option to get them.  I buy most of my food stuff in France and tp up with items I want to have from England.  In doing so I am not harming anyone and helping a company to keep running by my buisness.  

I do not see why so many people critisise others for where they choose to shop.  This subject comes around every so often and the OP gets all sorts of comments rather than answers to their question.....I hope the first part of my response answers their question.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1517320603

It appears that to compare (a) British Corner Shop to (b) Blighty Shop and Mouse2House is to compare chalk with cheese because (a) appears to be a shop selling products and (b) appear to be delivery services for products purchased direct in the UK. The OP to this topic enquired about delivery services for food purchased from Asda and Tesco. That is why my prepenultimate comment is relevant to that enquiry. It addresses the true, total cost of - buying products from UK supermarkets; and having them transported to a drop-off point in France; and having to drive to that drop-off point to collect them.

John-Halford 1517323484

prices will change when the UK leaves the biggest trading block in the world.. So stock up now..

23904505 1517323818

Been using BlightyShop for years.  Not only do they offer a very good service but they also will act as a post-restante (in Wareham) for those goods which the seller will not send abroad (e.g. well-known online auction).   My wife does all the ordering and she always reckons to save enough dosh to make it worthwhile.  Blighty will also bring over heavy goods as well and will even collect  from UK addresses.  Yes, they charge for that, but it's still cheaper than traipsing all the way to the UK to e.g. pick up a decent bed.  And they will deliver same as well.

A couple of years ago a grumpy French guy came over when I was picking up my delivery and complained that I should be buying from French shops.  I explained that "Je dépense 20k en France par an et 2k en Angleterre".    So my message to both him and anyone else who's interested is, it;'s my money and I'll spend it where I like.   Anyway, I hardly think my miserable income is going to be a massive boost to the French economy.

rowin-546313 1517341210

Dennis-Diogenes-901492  Of course we all forgot how great the delivery is from intermarche etc & stupidly drive to collect these goods as well ! Thanks for pointing it out we can now all save enough money not to have to do a UK shop;

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