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I have a large walnut tree, bearing loads of nuts this year, and have been told there are places I can take these to get the oil extracted for my own use. Does anyone know of any such places please? I live near Mansle, Charente. Thanks 

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le pic vert 1505929473

I seem to remember that the walnuts need to be picked green to make oil. About June time!

Living-The Dream-908612 1505930346

I was told November... but whatever, it would still be useful to know where to take them in future (whenever that might be).

sniper 1505956983

There is , if he is still open , a press at Couhe Verac ( a few klms north  of you on the N10) . Of course it is not the oil from your own walnuts that you get , he weighs the nuts you bring in and then calculates how much oil that weight would produce , then sells you bottles of already pressed oil from nuts other people have brought in previously .

Ian2381 1505977232

Most places insist the nuts are shelled before they turn them into oil. Some friends did it. It took them two days to shell the nuts to get about a litre of oil. I can't remember the ratio of nuts to oil. Once the nuts were pressed the oil only kept for about 6 months. They have never bothered since

Living-The Dream-908612 1506013177

Thanks for the tips, Sniper and Ian. I'll investigate further.

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