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What's the best French flour to use for shortcrust pastry? Thanks in advance

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Morning, I have had a Super U loyalty card for 12 months and I just wondered if someone could tell me how do I redeem the points that I have amassed? I know how they work at Carrefour and Le Clerc. Thanks

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Hi all, can anyone please advise if any of the supermarkets sell Sherry. Many thanks

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Can anyone advise where I can find the above in the Charente maritime region..

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Who would be the best delivery service in your opinion for a Tesco/Asda food shop? Thank you in advance Marie 

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Does anyone have any recommendations for outside catering in the Charente\Vienne area. I am looking for ideas to save me from catering for a party of 50ish, buffets, catering vans, hog roasts etc

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Does anyone know of a Home Catering Service in the area of Ruffec/Civray?  Need catering for a 50th birthday party.

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Hi all any one know of any where that sells stilton cheese nr Angoulême its the only thing from the uk that i would love for xmas. thanks and have a good one to all.

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Where can I buy xmas crackers in dept 79110 or nearby....thank you

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Don't all rush now,but I see Leclerc is selling Taiwanais whiskey for the princely sum of 38€16. in a fancy peppermint green bottle. For my part I think I will stick with a bottle of  Glenlfiddich  for around half the price.

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Trying to make cheesecake to Laura Vitale recipie.. need sour cream but its not available in France... what is used over here please?

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Can someone please confirm that the big food weekend in Angouleme is the last weekend in November.Thank you I advance

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I have a large walnut tree, bearing loads of nuts this year, and have been told there are places I can take these to get the oil extracted for my own use. Does anyone know of any such places please? I live near Mansle, Charente. Thanks 

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Can anyone tell me of any restaurants open within easy reach of Angouleme on 23 December, please?

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I am looking for a restaurant within about 15 km of Angouleme which will be open on Christmas Day - can anyone help, please?

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Our favourite the Hotel de Commerce is closed on Saturdays.  boooo.. So is there any good places to eat from Civray to Niort to Melle which does not involve a lot of walking as 2 visitors are struggling with hips , knees etc etc. Many thanks in advance for answers in case I forget to thank people later.

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I met a couple today who told me about a restaurant in Poitier  with a church inside, does anyone know the name  please, and what area of Poitier.Many thanks

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My family and I are considering moving to the Confolens area in July and are considering setting up a mobile fish and chip business.  We are enquiring to whether this is something the local expat community would want. We are experienced in running this type of operation and have a business in the UK trading the same fare.

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Help please. Every year there is a mobile still which resides locally for a period of 3-4 weeks in order to convert wine /fruit into Eau de Vie. The majority of French users appear with sealed blue plastic barrels which look as though they are filled with fruit. Does anyone know whether this is the case or not.  If it is, is the fruit from the previous year? ,is anything added,ie water, sugar etc.We have taken 'old' home made wine to be distilled in the past but have exhausted that supply and before we invest in a 'blue' plastic barrel would like to know the procedure Many thanks 

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