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Hi everyone I've been living here just over 5 years I'm 29and a chef. I have trained with Tom kerridge and John Cambell and am currently  the sous chef at château de mirambeau. I have brought a restaurant  in Saintes and aim to be open on the 1st of October. What I would really like to know is is there enough of us brit here to do a Sunday lunch trade. And if you think yes just would really appreciate the feed back. Hope to hear back from you fellow expats. If you want any I found on my restaurant  i am more than happy to chat feel free to get in touch.

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Hello everyone,I have managed to get most things I need from the supermarket, but margarine specifically for baking, has escaped me. The lady in my Intermarche was very helpful but the consistency seems to be high in fat.Is there a specific brand I can look for please?many thanks

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Recently arrived back in the area to live, and saw an item about a new restaurant in Saintes with a chef trained by Tom Kerridge.  Is it open and if so can anyone tell me anything about it - i.e. the name and location would be a great help.  Many thanks.  Derek & Ann

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Can anyone tell me when the Christmas is this year please.

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Can someone please confirm that the annual Angouleme food fare is the last weekend in November? I have tried google but cannot find any information.Thanks

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Hi. I am searching for a jar of coconut oil. I've looked in a few large supermarkets to no avail. Has anyone seen it in the Ruffec/ La Rochfoucauld / Angouleme area? Thank you.

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I'm having difficulty shopping for a low carb/type 2 diabetic diet,  Any suggestions would be welcome!  Bressuire area.  Thanks in advance.

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Hello,can anyone recommend someone who makes traditional UK -style celebration cakes, preferably in the North of the Deux Sevres, but I could travel up to 60 km from Parthenay.Thanks,Jo

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I'm looking at a recipe that calls for 5 spoonfuls of "liant" which translates as binder to make a sauce. What exactly do they mean? Would gravy powder do? Is there a French product that's better?

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Anyone know of a restaurant serving Christmas Day lunch near to La Rochefocauld 16310.Doesn't specifically HAVE to be an English Turkey dinner, but any options appreciated. I know it's early but we like to plan ahead. Searched last years Etcetera to no avail! Thanks

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Does anyone know any caterers who do hog roasts or deliver fish & chips in dept 17.  Royan, Marennes area.Thanks.

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Does anyone know if/where you can buy bags of party ice here.  We live near Matha in the Charente Maritime but haven't spotted it at all at the supermarkets.  Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Hi, can anyone suggest where I might find a frozen Turkey in the Charente? Strange at this time of year, I know, but still if anyone can help.ThanksLouise

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know the name and phone number of the little thai restrant in Melle Thank you

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We're not vegetarians buit I respect the views of those who are. However, I did have a little fun when my wife's niece berated me for eating meat and I was able to claim that I was just cleaning up the environment after the animal had been killed to make her very expensive pair of leather shoes. I also respect the views of vegans but I am amazed to hear they will not eat honey. Perhaps somebody can tell me why. I just wish those whose views I respect, respected mine. Back to the topic. My wife and I find - with fast approaching senility - that we eat less but better meat. A small but high quality piece of meat is better than a huge chunk of mediocre meat. That goes for other things in life too, for us. We never eat out unless the food is better than we can produce at home and never go on holiday unless it will be better than staying at home. Overall, I don't think our choice of less frequent, superior quality is any more expensive than more frequent, cheaper meals/holidays. We often eat vegetable meals just as we often eat meat meals, fish meals, cheese meals, egg meals etc. To us they are not vegetarian meals but simply meals which happen not to contain meat. I have always found it a risk that vegetable meals can be a little boring but I recently came across a cookery book entitled Le Legumivore by Tommy Myllmaki (a Swedish chef) published by Marabout (an imprint of Hachette) which is full of amazing vegetable dishes - including one for crunchy chips. The recipes are easy to follow - I am no chef - and although the book is in French it is easy to understand and is a good introduction to/refresher of French cookery terms. I heartily recommend it - and, before you ask, I have no interest in the promotion of the book other than to introduce it to others who might think like us.      

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Does anyone know of a source of home dry cured bacon - either green or smoked - ideally in the north of 79 or not too far therefrom? And before anyone launches upon a crusade, I've got no problems with French bacon except that I can only find commercial products in supermarkets. My preference is for a relatively light cure in a British style. Oh, and if the same place offers home dry cured hams - I'll be doubly happy!

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Hi !  Just to lighten the mood from all the doom and gloom ....discovered today that La Roue Tourne in Jonza (next to Intermarche.Bricmarche, etc) does a really good plate of fish and chips !!! ....detractors from fish n chips, please do not comment ....some people enjoy it ...anyway, would recommend it since a few bars etc doing same seem to have closed down of late !  It makes a nice change ! (and the owners are lovely, and French ...which is unusual for a fish n chip dish !) ...they also do lots of other lovely food ...I know several people already go there but if you haven't been ...give it a whirl !  Every day is fish n chip day (but take your own vinegar !............bonsoir !

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Hi, does anyone have a kombucha culture that they could pass on a piece of?Had one for years in Germany and would like to start again.I'm in Cellefrouin.Cheers,Tony.

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