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Yikes, significant birthday tomorrow and done nothing about a meal out... suggestions please within 50 km of Parthenay - 30-40€ per head - we had two places to try but they're not open on Tuesdays!

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For those already hunting for  Easter eggs ,have found them available at the Hope 16 Charity shop (next to Gamme Vert)Open next friday 10am -4pm

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Hi Ok I see they have a new web site much easier to use  link herebaconbythebox

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has anyone used  these companies to deliver goods, foods ect to franceall my review searches are coming up from 5 - 8 years oldwould realy appreciate recent opinions on their servicesmany thanksrosie

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Has anyone tried Bacon By the Box? See www.baconbythebox.com.Deliveries once a month.

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Hi everyone I've been living here just over 5 years I'm 29and a chef. I have trained with Tom kerridge and John Cambell and am currently  the sous chef at château de mirambeau. I have brought a restaurant  in Saintes and aim to be open on the 1st of October. What I would really like to know is is there enough of us brit here to do a Sunday lunch trade. And if you think yes just would really appreciate the feed back. Hope to hear back from you fellow expats. If you want any I found on my restaurant  i am more than happy to chat feel free to get in touch.

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Hello everyone,I have managed to get most things I need from the supermarket, but margarine specifically for baking, has escaped me. The lady in my Intermarche was very helpful but the consistency seems to be high in fat.Is there a specific brand I can look for please?many thanks

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Recently arrived back in the area to live, and saw an item about a new restaurant in Saintes with a chef trained by Tom Kerridge.  Is it open and if so can anyone tell me anything about it - i.e. the name and location would be a great help.  Many thanks.  Derek & Ann

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Can anyone tell me when the Christmas is this year please.

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Can someone please confirm that the annual Angouleme food fare is the last weekend in November? I have tried google but cannot find any information.Thanks

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Hi. I am searching for a jar of coconut oil. I've looked in a few large supermarkets to no avail. Has anyone seen it in the Ruffec/ La Rochfoucauld / Angouleme area? Thank you.

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I'm having difficulty shopping for a low carb/type 2 diabetic diet,  Any suggestions would be welcome!  Bressuire area.  Thanks in advance.

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Hello,can anyone recommend someone who makes traditional UK -style celebration cakes, preferably in the North of the Deux Sevres, but I could travel up to 60 km from Parthenay.Thanks,Jo

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I'm looking at a recipe that calls for 5 spoonfuls of "liant" which translates as binder to make a sauce. What exactly do they mean? Would gravy powder do? Is there a French product that's better?

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Anyone know of a restaurant serving Christmas Day lunch near to La Rochefocauld 16310.Doesn't specifically HAVE to be an English Turkey dinner, but any options appreciated. I know it's early but we like to plan ahead. Searched last years Etcetera to no avail! Thanks

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Does anyone know any caterers who do hog roasts or deliver fish & chips in dept 17.  Royan, Marennes area.Thanks.

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Does anyone know if/where you can buy bags of party ice here.  We live near Matha in the Charente Maritime but haven't spotted it at all at the supermarkets.  Any help gratefully appreciated.

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Hi, can anyone suggest where I might find a frozen Turkey in the Charente? Strange at this time of year, I know, but still if anyone can help.ThanksLouise

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