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can anyone recommend the above for a Saturday lunchtime, tq

started by: POCHAHONTAS · last update: 1465987715 · posted: 1465987715

Hi !  does anyone know if the above is open this afternoon for English Fayre ?   Tried e mailing Ef, tried phoning the bar, but all the nos I have not working ...went round there last week and it was still closed !  EF have it on their website as being open ......don't want to make wasted journey !  Thanks !

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Does any one know where I can buy good quality ready meals especially vegetarian ones.  I have a lot of visitors over the summer and need to buy some meals that can be frozen.  Thanks.

started by: BobbyS · last update: 1463681439 · posted: 1463675307

I wonder if you can give me adivIce As to which French flour I can use for mqkIng meringues Thankyou

started by: Allen61 · last update: 1463158149 · posted: 1462346530

Hi, does anyone know where to buy Natco Asian spices from? The bulk 250g bag type. They will deliver to France but postage is a bit steep.ThanksAllen

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Just tried a really nice new cafe and Restaurant at the lovely Plan D'eau at Verruyes ( in 79 between Niort and Parthenay, close to  Mazieres).Lovely for outdoor dining, and just  refurbished, all in a really nice setting with a nice plage adjacent  (plus good fishing) at what must be as nice a Plan D'eau as there is anywhere......nice peaceful setting with great ambience.We loved it.

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Would anybody in the Charente or Haute Vienne area like to host a Vegetarian Supper Club lunch or evening? We do all the cooking, you invite your friends/family, sit back & relax and the host gets a 50% discount!Or if several people on this site would like to get together, we can choose a Host and then organize an evening or lunch suitable for everyone to meet up and enjoy some tasty food! Great way to make new friends.Message me or email : frenchveggiekitchen@hotmail.comto discuss 

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HiCan anyone suggest a company who would do a pig roast for a party?

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Bonjour, we are a husband and wife team with 8 years experience of managing and chefing in successful restaurants across France.   We are searching for a small restaurant or chambre d'hotes in the Languedoc to rent or buy.Prefer the Herault or Gard area however would consider further afield for the right property.many thanks 

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Help!  We bought some parmesan style goats cheese at the Christmas market in Confolens and have bought it before at a previous Confolens Marché de Producteurs and have run out!!!  Typically, there is no label on the tub so have no idea where it came from!  Have gone to quite a few Confolens markets but they just seem to be getting smaller and smaller.  Does anyone know who these french purveyors of a delicious if not smelly cheese are please?

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Does anyone know of a good source of mutton, ideally home produced, in north 79/east 85/south 49?

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I'm trying to find the number of the Boule D'or in St Romagne, it's not in my oldish phone book, and I can't for some reason get it shown on the web, or find in 'search' here on AI...realise I must be 'searching' wrongly, but can anyone help?  If so and have been there, any feedback info would be great. many thanks.

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Hello again, Does anyone know where we can sell our eggs in the Chasseneuil sur Bonniere area please as they will be accruieing rapidly soon. We have 4 goose and about a dozen duck eggs at   present, Hope someone is interested.

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We have surplus goose and duck eggs and would like to sell them. What is the going rate for these eggs please?

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Does anyone know any farms that sell ewes or goats milk?

started by: Dms74 · last update: 1455222942 · posted: 1436274582

Does anybody know where I can buy duck eggs?  Also, cottage cheese and fresh goats milk?  Thanks.

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In Confolens today, I saw workmen working on the old La Vienne restaurant site. Is it about to re-open ? I noticed that the workmen's van was UK registered - don't let's pursue that string again. Does this mean Confolens is about to welcome its fifth British restaurant ?

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 Anyone know if Mr T's fish and chips are still operating?  The website just says closed for the week, but no further info.  E mail doesn't link, phone won't connect.  Wanted some fish a couple of weeks ago and the website showed nothing re dates etc.  Unusual, as their website is normally very informative.

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Hi ,does anyone know where I can buy Redbush(Rooibos) tea bags from please ??? I can't see them in the supermarkets !! many thanks

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Hi, have heard that some Carrefour supermarkets are stocking Quorn mince? If anyone knows where...86 or 79 please let me know; Thanks in advance. 

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