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Hi to all. We are thinking of setting up a business selling small / large blocks of various welsh cheeses. So putting feelers out to see if anybody is interested. We will initially be operating within the charente maritime / Department 17.   Thanks in advance  

started by: pillow talk · last update: 1452877751 · posted: 1452790433

if you have made pancakes and scones with french flour and they turned out good can you tell me what flour you used please  many thanks chris        

started by: Maradardi Mama-541213 · last update: 1452271831 · posted: 1452251432

We are looking for someone to do a Hog Roast for about 100 people near Aulnay.  I know several people recommend Premier Hog Roast, however, I can find no contact details and their website is no longer in existence which leads me to believe that they are no longer operating.  So any other personal recommendations would be appreciated.

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URGENT URGENT URGENT A friend has died ( :(  ) ... we have been at her house and there are 5 freezers full of food..... the electric will be turned OFF in 3 days... Is there anyone desperate for food? I have posted on the refugee site too... It would be such an awful waste will so many people going hungry.....(due to H&S, no organisation will take it - we've tried) ....It is in Maziere-en-Gatine 79310 please message me if you can come in the next 3 days and collect. thanksSuzette Jeapes 

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anyone know where  l can buy organic meat in the  Pons area dept 17 please?

started by: arthursmith-508150 · last update: 1451649390 · posted: 1451649390

Is anyone going on the Thai course at Chez Cartier next Friday from the Confolens, Bellac, St Junien, L'Isle Jourdain area that might car share with my Mrs ?

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  I'm sure that this subject has been aired many times before but the Forum Search facility is not very good on here. I have tried Pineau in restaurants and have bought it from supermarkets, food stores and wine shops and am becoming increasingly partial to it. Can anyone recommend (on quality and not price alone) a good artisan producer in the Angouleme, Ruffec, Confolens area ?

started by: Just Pam · last update: 1450952346 · posted: 1449071346

Just seen fresh turkey for sale in LeClerc at under 4 euros a kilo. No need to panic!

started by: Pedro-557863 · last update: 1450804463 · posted: 1450713899

Hi there, In 2012 we picked copious sloes growing wild in the woods nearby, then bought the cheapest bottles of gin we could find (and I do mean the cheapest) and with sugar, pricking all the sloes to release their juices, shaking the bottles daily for around 3 months to help the mixing etc we ended up with 3 litre bottles of immature sloe gin which we stored somewhere safe and have only recently run across them! Guess we must have done all the right things as it is superb, and it's certainly helped get me into the festive mood - sometimes a little too much! We shall definately be doing it again and now know what to give for presents for the friendly and helpful locals. Our neighbour had never come across it before and felt he had wasted 79 years, so he said. Any excuse for another shot!! Hope all have a great Xmas and 2016 should be a belter!!!

started by: Just Pam · last update: 1450365301 · posted: 1450105268

Just had a slice of toast with good beef (Welsh) dripping on it.  Not the grease, just the jellified meat juices.  A little salt and pepper added.  Gourmet stuff!

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Some of you may be frustrated by the difficulty in buying good quality Seville oranges for marmalade making. You can get Seville oranges here but the problem is the same as in the UK; poor quality and condition. Two years ago we found a family owned Spanish producer who was fed up with ever increasing demands from wholesalers and supermarket buyers to provide oranges at ever reducing prices with quality a secondary consideration. So, they started selling directly to consumers. We have bought from them twice and each time the quality, service and delivery has been first rate. Last year there was a problem with our order (our mistake, I'm sure) and it was resolved instantly and generously. The only problem is that very small quantities are not available but we have grouped together with friends and neighbours to make up a minimum order size. This is not an advert but a public information announcement as many friends - both English and French - have asked where we get the fruit for our marmalade. The website is www.france.valenciasoranges.com and I think there is an English option. As they say, other suppliers of Seville oranges may be available.        

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Over several years I've put the bronze cent coins that I have been given as change into a bag, it now weighs several kilos.... Can anyone suggest a charity in or around Poitiers which might appreciate these coins as a donation?

started by: ccm-572085 · last update: 1450139196 · posted: 1449446321

Evening all. Just a quick note to all beer afficianado's. Just been up to the new bar in Roumazierre. It is run by a youngish lad called Sebastien (he used to work in Briconaut in Chabanais).  He has a vast choice of bottled beers and a few wines for the ladies, I went in tonight and he has Directors Bitter and Bombardier ON DRAUGHT.  A tad on the cold side but well worth a sample. He is open every day from 11 am onwards, closed on wednesdays and is at the old CO-OP garden centre.  Enjoy

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Aaaah! Run out of mincemeat.  Does anyone know where I can find some in the Ruffec area? Thanks, Christine.

started by: Diddle-545494 · last update: 1450127060 · posted: 1449956972

Having battled through yet another piece of shoe leather type, French beef, can anybody recommend a supplier of correctly hung and correctly cut, British beef. Either a butcher or straight from the farm, or a UK supplier who supplies direct. Somewhere near Civray hopefully. I have tried all the French cuts and all the various outlets and it seems almost impossible to get a piece of 'melt in your mouth' steak. 9 times out of 10, its as tough as old boots, or full of grizle. And before someone says I'm anti French, I eat every other kind of meat here and love it. Its just beef that is the problem.

started by: hendo44 · last update: 1450090664 · posted: 1449748886

Anyone out there know of a stockist of Haggis ? Have tried online but shipping cost horrendous.

started by: ric-567574 · last update: 1450024362 · posted: 1450017084

Had a search on this site but can't find if the English Shop in Ruffec is still trading,any up to date info would be appreciated. Thankyou

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hello can anyone tell me where I may source a goose to have for Christmas dinner. thanks Marilyn

started by: JoS44 · last update: 1449965373 · posted: 1449852933

Does anyone know where I would be able to buy vension or wild boar for Christmas close to Chef Boutonne, Sauze Vaussais, Ruffec? Thanks

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Does anyone know where I can buy fresh cranberries, between Ruffec & Niort ?

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