started by: christinabee-573574 · last update: 1450137877 · posted: 1450124558

Aaaah! Run out of mincemeat.  Does anyone know where I can find some in the Ruffec area? Thanks, Christine.

started by: Diddle-545494 · last update: 1450127060 · posted: 1449956972

Having battled through yet another piece of shoe leather type, French beef, can anybody recommend a supplier of correctly hung and correctly cut, British beef. Either a butcher or straight from the farm, or a UK supplier who supplies direct. Somewhere near Civray hopefully. I have tried all the French cuts and all the various outlets and it seems almost impossible to get a piece of 'melt in your mouth' steak. 9 times out of 10, its as tough as old boots, or full of grizle. And before someone says I'm anti French, I eat every other kind of meat here and love it. Its just beef that is the problem.

started by: hendo44 · last update: 1450090664 · posted: 1449748886

Anyone out there know of a stockist of Haggis ? Have tried online but shipping cost horrendous.

started by: ric-567574 · last update: 1450024362 · posted: 1450017084

Had a search on this site but can't find if the English Shop in Ruffec is still trading,any up to date info would be appreciated. Thankyou

started by: mazzaP · last update: 1450001930 · posted: 1449309783

hello can anyone tell me where I may source a goose to have for Christmas dinner. thanks Marilyn

started by: JoS44 · last update: 1449965373 · posted: 1449852933

Does anyone know where I would be able to buy vension or wild boar for Christmas close to Chef Boutonne, Sauze Vaussais, Ruffec? Thanks

started by: simpleton · last update: 1449821849 · posted: 1449788638

Does anyone know where I can buy fresh cranberries, between Ruffec & Niort ?

started by: tiss-us-542802 · last update: 1449349106 · posted: 1449342186

Hi all, any update regards Framptons? Are they still trading? Ta in advance.

started by: flobelt · last update: 1449341141 · posted: 1449306857

We have for some years been to a Christmas Gourmand Weekend in  Angouleme and have really enjoyed it. This year I have not any publicity for this event. Can anyone help with dates please or have we missed it.

started by: 2chestnuts · last update: 1449237679 · posted: 1449167084

I have a large capon/ broiler in my freezer. Has anyone tried slow roasting one? I was thinking of using a roasting rack in a roasting tin and putting water in the base of it. Any info would be gratefully received.

started by: ouestlasoleil2 · last update: 1449076573 · posted: 1449069396

Hi all, just noticed on a recent superu receipt for general shopping (not fuel) that the points on the carte fidelite have "disappeared" and seemingly replaced by a value in Euros, can anyone shed any light on this. I will ask when next in, but that may be a while yet, and forearmed....! cheers, Jon

started by: button16 · last update: 1448917352 · posted: 1448907562

Following a recent posting re  non-availability of frozen legs of lamb - in Lidl in Barbezieux they had 4 or 5 in their freezer this afternoon.  Good price too.

started by: woofa1 · last update: 1448824647 · posted: 1448636406

Hi all I would like to sell some homemade chutney and jam at a local vide grenier in the spring. What are the rules regarding this? I have a UK commercial health and hygiene certificate as I sell these in the UK via my son in laws coffee shop. Thanks

started by: neilhuntnow · last update: 1448721398 · posted: 1448716221

Does anyone know if or what restaurants are open on Christmas Day in the Ruffec or Civray area? Many thanks

started by: VB-550815 · last update: 1448575019 · posted: 1448492118

Hi I know how to make my own but..anyone know where I can buy a jar of readymade mint sauce. Thanks

started by: Budbud · last update: 1448351696 · posted: 1405377383

Is it possible to buy whipping cream near montbron thank you

started by: eastender-918138 · last update: 1448046759 · posted: 1447848411

Hi, it's that time of year, does anyone know where I can buy suet to make some Christmas Puds? Thank you  

started by: Dollypops · last update: 1448028785 · posted: 1447928395

Hi does anyone know where I can buy a few bottle's from the Montguyon area please.

started by: atobmovers · last update: 1447877995 · posted: 1447859354

we have just found out that on friday 20th nov , the russian band spectrum , will be playing at moulin de condac near ruffec , 20€ entrance fee inc meal and desert ,   russian folk music mix i think the are 25  table places still available      0621923217  0516769071   teddy           reservation only     ,                    we went along a few months ago great evening    

started by: american car · last update: 1447663618 · posted: 1447502241

hi can you buy the above  in france, ive looked and believe its called salicorne here, but i could be very wrong also tq

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