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Anybody understand the number system that seems to go with flours. I'm looking for a good strong bread flour (no kits). Presuming the higher the number the stronger the flour? Thanks

started by: Queen Mabb · last update: 1244060052 · posted: 1244042446

Does anyone know if the fish & chip van comes to Sauze on a Thursday? if so, what time and where does he park? I know it's sad, but it's not my idea! Many thanks

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Does anyone know which supermarket chain stocks this wine? Can't remember where I bought it and now I have a special request from visitors.

started by: Pooh Bear-551341 · last update: 1243265194 · posted: 1243246449

Hi all, I have been reading the postings on Anglo-info and find the content of both questions and answers very informative and some give you a good laugh but I have noticed a lot of people asking about meeting places, ride out venues, and just somewhere to sit and have a chat..... we live in a small town without any bars or cafe's and we have a property that has spare room enough to convert to a very nice tea/coffee shop. The question I would like answers to is this: does anybody have any experience of starting something like this from scratch or are there websites that would give information on this.??? We did look at a class four liquor licence but they seem pretty hard to get so we might only go for a class three as we don't want to get too involved. We would be looking to do mainly day/evening type things sandwiches, cakes, tea's/coffee's that sort of thing. Any help of information would be greatly appreciated............... PB

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Can anyone tell me where I can buy a full rack of pork ribs, I have tried the supermarkets and butchers and I am asking for cote de pork complet and all the other variations, but never get what I,m looking for I want a full rack like you would get in bbq sauce in an american diner, but they give me pork chops or big lumps of pork with no ribs(bones) in, am I asking for the wrong thing or does anywhere know where I can get this from, any help greatly appreciated.

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Has anybody tried the samosas etc from the new stall at riberac and aubeterre market... they are great, but have lost the phone no, could anyone let me know how to contact them? They are also supplying wholesale if I remember.

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Hi I will be trying to make my own chutney and or relish for the first time this year and i was wondering if anyone has any easy receipe's for me to try. Many Thanks in advance

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Help please, does anyone know where Non Extra Virgin olive oil can be purchased, as we prefer to use this for cooking. Thank you in advance .

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Hi Carrefour sell half/quarter pigs but only in winter,the price per kg is very good [so the misses tells me]and everything gets used we have dogs.. She was wondering if there is any other supplier ?,she wants to buy and raise pigs but I have my reservations and we have small children that WILL give them names... Many thanks...You are such a helpful lot...

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I drove through confolens last night 6pm and couldn't believe my eyes the fish and chip shop is finally open. It's called the friterie. I met the new owners and had a nice conversation whilst I waited a very short time for my meal. jumbo sausage in batter yum yum. there were four of us so we tried alot of different meals on the menu. jumbo sausage (english sausages) savaloy, pukka pie, sausage roll and a piece of cod all with chips. Absoulutly delicious.

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The chip shop in La Faye is supposedly having a 2 for 1 night on Friday, has anybody else heard about this.

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Hello, can anyone give me directions to Cafe twentyeight in St Jean d`Angely from Chef Boutonne? Thanks for your help.

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Does anyone know where we can buy the above. We are quite happy to buy a whole beast for the freezer. Note, we do want Kid, but a full grown beast. Perhaps a female too old for mothering. We can organise the butchering if necessary, but not the despatching

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Just had a great pizza at restaurante de la poste Valence, Christophe the owner is trying hard establish a buisness Between Mansle and St Claud, Friday and Saturday nights.

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does anyone know of a cake maker in the Poitou Charente area. my daughter is getting married here at the end of May and I am looking for a wedding cake of some kind, tiny portions eventually for about 45 people - so quite a big cake, iced in plain white. does anyone have the skills necessary for this, if so please get in touch so that we can discuss.........

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Does anyone know where the fish and chip people/Amber Interiors have gone from Ruffec?

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Don,t suppose anyone out there has any unwanted Easter Eggs as my husband forgot to get me one, and I am now without Egg. It,s a long shot I know ..

started by: Ibo · last update: 1239207545 · posted: 1239184784

I'm looking for non-gourmet easter eggs. More chocholate and bright colours, than and artisitc impression of mans struggle in modern society. Prices more like Lidl than the Louvre.

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there used to be a butcher in terrys yard,where is he now?

started by: Jasmine49-553764 · last update: 1238955381 · posted: 1238939108

Hi, Does anyone know of an english butcher in the Poitou Charente? Please PM me if you have any info thanks

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