started by: Grumpy-540095 · last update: 1447342395 · posted: 1447342395

I used to buy 1kg blocks of date pate from the Asian supermarket in Limoges, non there today, has anyone seen it elsewhere?. 

started by: american car · last update: 1447259405 · posted: 1447259405

kingsof cognac we cant private mail you , can you mail me the details please tq

started by: barcombe · last update: 1447057119 · posted: 1446834348

Bought a fish on our local market, labelled as "Maigre". The fishmonger speaks a bit of English so I asked him  for a translation, and he came back with "Meagre", must be a new variety! Our little food dictionary doesn't mention the name, does anyone know what it is, please? It's a bit like bass in looks and taste - very pleasant.

started by: waterloo-562793 · last update: 1447014275 · posted: 1446996603

I searched for it in several supermarkets  over the weekend for a nice recipie with the salmon.... but could not find any. Did I just go on a bad day or where is it placed in the shops? Definitely not in amongst the prawns etc etc.

started by: Raman-558575 · last update: 1446913917 · posted: 1446747687

Hi, does anyone know of an outlet for free range pork in the Poitou-Charentes?  Preferably within an hour or so of Ruffec. Thanks, Kevin  

started by: pauline W · last update: 1446735966 · posted: 1446726852

Can anybody please tell me if there's any truth in the rumour I heard-that the Auberge St.Jean in Nanteuil-en-Vallée has re-opened ? Many thanks in anticipation.

started by: allibaba-559928 · last update: 1446483276 · posted: 1446475560

Anyone know if this is available at any of the supermarkets within, say,  a 25 k radius of Rouillac? I want it for a prawn and smoked salmon dish. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

started by: Beer Hunter · last update: 1446299924 · posted: 1446293285

Hi, is there anyoe that can give me a recipe for sharan fruit or persimmons....??  I have a tree that is loaded with them and generally they just drop off and rot away and it seems a shame as there are so many.. I have searched the internet but mainly it seems that there are only american recipes out there, I wondered if they were any good for jam??  also if any one wants any they are quite welcome to come along and pick what they need....  Thanks...

started by: Lincolnshire lad · last update: 1446064433 · posted: 1446057878

When did Ajmalmasala stop appearing in Sauze on a Wednesday evening 

started by: american car · last update: 1445968680 · posted: 1445952542

hi can anyone recommend the above between les forges and bressuire/thouars area, trying to find a good mutel meeting place for a meal or/ drink in the evening tq

started by: t1meout · last update: 1445779441 · posted: 1445596049

Yes its that time of the year again.    I would like to order a fresh turkey/Turkey crown this year.  I live in the St Maixent L'ecole area but dont mind travelling to pick up as long as its possible to order by telephone. Can anyone recommend a good reliable provider please regards .  

started by: TopShot · last update: 1445342392 · posted: 1445182774

I have just cleared out a little-used store cupboard and discovered right at the back two tinned, Fray Bentos steak & kidney pies and a tinned FB steak and kidney pudding. None of he tins shows any sign of deterioration or leakage but the sell by date on all three is 2001! I am not a strong believer in the SBD system for some foodstuffs as I personally believe it is simply a ploy whereby manufacturers try to scare us into discarding perfectly edible food. Tins in particular should be OK for a considerable period of time and, indeed, examples have been found containing safely edible, contents after many years storage. We are not starving so whether or not to eat the contents is not that important but I would value the opinion of others as to the "eat or discard" debate.

started by: chris e-576341 · last update: 1445257813 · posted: 1445252600

hi folks, does anyone know if the new lidl in confolens is open yet? If so is it on the same site as the old one( next to a garden center) or somewhere else?

started by: DaveF-889907 · last update: 1445180480 · posted: 1444825656

Hi,  Have eaten here in the past and found it good, walked past there last night & was closed, There was a message in the window, couldn't quite make it out though.  Hope it's not shut for good 

started by: Mightymin · last update: 1444420930 · posted: 1441554312

Has anyone got a current phone number for this restaurant as the one listed seems to be unavailable. Thanks.

started by: TopShot · last update: 1444325597 · posted: 1444321391

Several years ago, we and some friends had a very good and inexpensive lunch at the college which was prepared and served by students as part of their examinations. Does anyone know if this practice of inviting the general public to be guinea pigs is still being carried out and when? I seem to remember it cost around 6-7€ per head including wine!

started by: thebyfe · last update: 1444308625 · posted: 1444308625

Hi evryone. I am hearing the restaurant St Jean has reopenend recently. Whether it has the same name I do not know so has anyone got information as to the truth, if so, is it any good. Always liked the food before 

started by: cassie-539539 · last update: 1444230697 · posted: 1443354581

Hi all, does anyone know when Lidl in Confolens opens.               Regards cassie.

started by: woofa1 · last update: 1444158911 · posted: 1444046977

I would like to help a family coffee shop by making home made soups for them to sell as well as well unbaked desserts. I already have a commercial health and hygiene certificate from the UK and am not looking to make any money from this. They supply the ingredients and I make it! What certificates/qualifications do I need in order to do this? many thanks for your help.

started by: simpleton · last update: 1443343440 · posted: 1443132408

Does anyone know if you can get undyed smoked fish here, either cod or haddock ? I've only ever seen the bright yellow dyed fillets.

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