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For anyone who misses their take a way curry then Friday nights is curry take a way night at Le Cafe Portebleu in Verteuil in the Charente. The curries are all home made and so are the naan breads, there is a choice of plain naans or pershwari's. The curry's change every week so there is always something different. Very good value for money especially the curry bag for 20 euros which contains 2 curries, rice, 2 nanns, poppodoms, riata and indian chutney. Phone up to place an order or send an email 05 45 30 22 06 curry@portebleue.com This is not my business, I am just spreading the word as I know curries are very popular, and these home-made ones are not to be missed. Bon Appetite Nina

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i try book a resturant and just found it closed this wkd due to personal reasons... so anyone can recommened a nice resturant in ruffec/civray/sauze area please... its for evening.... thanks

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Hi All We are very interested to hear anyone's thoughts on finding or buying Home Reared Beef, would you prefer to but direct form the Farm knowing that the animal your going to eat has had a Good "all be it short life" if so then we would love to hear from you please e-mail me your thoughts and concerns etc. More and more people are looking at the way animals are reared for food and not the just the cost, Bio is very expensive and as times are hard we all have to cut our cloth accordingly. Here's hoping you all have lot's to say on this subject. Regards S.

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Hope it's not too late but ......... does anyone know where I can get an oven-ready turkey in time for Christmas? I'm in dept 79 but am prepared to travel to surrounding depts. Regards marty

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Hi ! Does anyone know where (preferably in the Saintes/Mirambeau region, I can buy just a turkey crown ??? We are out most of Christmas, and as there will be only two of us for dinner on Christmas day, I cannot go without my turkey - but I am not of a mind to make endless sandwiches, stews, stock, etc etc !!! - Paid 50 euros for a turkey a few Christmases ago, which for just two is I think very expensive !!!! Any suggestions please (not rude ones !!!) Cheers !

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does anyone know where is open on xmas day for lunch serving a traditional english turkey roast or similar near to confolens

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Hello, I'm seeking info on fish and chips in the ruffec area. Will be visiting on Friday morning 12th September and would like to enjoy a good fish and chip lunch in the area. never to old to learn

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For the past thirty-odd Christmasses we've enjoyed a goose. They used to cost little more than turkeys (which we've always found rather bland) but now they've become fashionable, the price has soared. A 6.5 killogram bird cost me £75 in London this year, a price I really can't justify any longer, especially as my brother in New York picks one up at an Amish market for the equivalent of £20! As by this time next year we hope to be in Charente, I was wondering if anyone had an idea of how much they cost down there. Stephen, nr Cognac

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Does anyone know where I can get a large(ish) turkey for our Christmas dinner. All our French neighbours' turkeys are much smaller than my mother in law is used to!! We are on the Deux-Sevres/Vendee border near L'Absie. Thanks in advance, Sarah

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We have just visited the Fish and Chip shop in Lizant, Wow what a transformation! The new owners have made a huge difference, The interior has been decorated and tables put outside so you can enjoy your meal there. The food is much improved and there are daily specials. The new owners are so friendly and nothing is too much trouble. The food is cooked to order, so no greasy dry rubbish! I would advise you to ring your order through as it does get busy. If you want a taste of home, go and eat there. It's not just chips, they do curries too! I give it 5 stars ***** . Anna C x

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Can anyone help me about a fish and chip shop in Lizant? called Sirene? I wonder if it is open today?steve

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Hi Does anyone know where i can get a turkey from near sauze/civray. steve

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Hi, Does anyone (probably living in the country & preferably in the Vienne) know where I could find a decent-sized turkey for Christmas, please? By that I mean about 5-6kg at least? Our local supplier retired a few years back & I was in England last Christmas & so didn't have to worry about the turkey. 2 years ago I ordered a BIG turkey & found myself with a bird of about 3 kg - & was told that was the biggest they had!. I was brought up on turkey on Christmas Day, turkey salad or turkey sanwiches on Boxing Day, turkey pie, turkey risotto & turkey soup with the leftovers - but the French don't seem to see things that way unfortunately! Thanks for any help you may be able to offer! Scrabbler

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