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We used to like this place when it was under its previous owners, now retired, so went there last night to see how the new people did. Well, badly is the answer.First they managed to serve English supermarket baguette as bread, Quite how they managed to find bread this bad in France is a mystery. No crust, no  air in  the body, moist and claggy. We tried one bit and no more.  Starters also came from the supermarket, a puff lattice pie of goats cheese and spinach. Tasteless. As was the lettuce leaf (singular) that accompanied it Paella was part of the menu du jour so with sinking heart we waited for that and, guess what, it was also from the supermarket. The mussels were older than I am, peas of dried up redness in the shells, The massive prawn that I bet had never seen European waters, was well dodgy. The only edible bit was the chicken leg which may possibly have actually been cooked in the restaurant.The old owners brought a cheese board at this point, a selection of 7 or 8 and help yourself. The new owners brought a plate with two mingy bits of cheese, one a slice of the goats chees log you get in Lidl and a couple of lettuce leaves, The still full bowl of appalling not-baguette was not replaced or remarked on.And then a scoop of ice cream on a puddle of bottled syrup and topped with squirty cream.  Maybe it was a bad night,  I somehow doubt it. E17.90 each with some fairly acidic red wine in a 50 cl pitcher ( the old owners would give a litre bottle of not so bad table wine)Sad. The woman who owns the place seems a hard boiled case, not in the nice way of the old owner, but someone who would kick off in a pub back home after two snakebites.. Ill not be going back. 

started by: oatesdaniel1 · last update: 1442097949 · posted: 1442094010

Hi everyone, it seems like St Germain has become a hive of activity recently and I just wondered if anyone had any idea if either of the restaurants may open? TIA

started by: mazbaz-547293 · last update: 1442056781 · posted: 1442012934

i understand that the old chef has left Le Cheval Blanc, does anyone have any idea as to where he might have moved to? Hopefully.  MazBaz

started by: pimpernelalba · last update: 1441964253 · posted: 1441821470

I see there's what looks like a pretty massive new Lidl building going up fast right next door to the present store in Parthenay Does anyone know if it's a new, larger store, replacing the existing (newish looking)store nearby....or could it be a distribution warehouse for all the stores in the area.?   It looks like being the biggest Lidl store that I personally have ever seen, hence the question.

started by: nickh-572924 · last update: 1441654452 · posted: 1441099995

I wondered out of interest if anyone knew much about how this works? Yesterday and not for the first time, the person in front who had a teeteringly full trolley handed over a self scanner but was nonetheless obliged to put it all through the till anyway. As I had got into the self scan queue expecting it to be quicker I was a bit annoyed, as were the others in the queue.The woman on the tlll explained to me that computer had said no, I asked why and she said it was random, a way of putting off would be cheats, So the next person went through ok, then it was our turn and computer said no so we had to put all ours through by hand. Took agesBy now the whole queue was annoyed and one French woman went off in high dudgeon to complain at the desk, only to reappear saying there was no one there.So how does this system work? I feel I am wasting my time using it, except it's quite fun using the barcode reader N 

started by: Beer Hunter · last update: 1441635418 · posted: 1441401146

Can anyone tell me if the fish van will be at sauze vaussais this Tuesday.. 8th??? Ta

started by: waterloo-562793 · last update: 1441483090 · posted: 1441390785

Hi I have been given a mission and I have tried SuperU and Intermarche and Aldi and failed miserably. Is there anywhere I can find the missing ingredient? many thanks fellow qestors for any help.

started by: egglayer · last update: 1441048539 · posted: 1440929117

Which one of the many food shopping and extra's delivery companies deliver to the Jonzac,Pons Mirambeau area Urgently need something from Tesco's Regards

started by: pcfriend · last update: 1440715314 · posted: 1290591391

I be waiting for the ruffec shop to get iceland products in. Went there yesterday and i got my favorite items again, chicken kievs, chinese spare ribs and other bits. This is so nice as right on our door step. Lovely and i be back next week... thanks

started by: allibaba-559928 · last update: 1440675188 · posted: 1440671355

On the subject of 'advertising' places I thought this veto applied only to the medical (including dental and vets) profession.  Does it also apply to restaurant chains and other franchise business'?

started by: poodlelady-541005 · last update: 1440349723 · posted: 1440241980

Can anyone point me to a distributor of Coconut OIL....not paste or similar it's the actual oil that I'm looking for. Thank you

started by: flobelt · last update: 1440240271 · posted: 1440240271

Can anyone help with the opening hours of this business near Brioux Sur Boutonne please.

started by: millymudhut · last update: 1440016182 · posted: 1440016182

Does anyone know of someone who bakes novelty cakes in the Ruffec/ Verteuil area?Its for a friends 80 th birthday the second week in September and is only  to 'feed' 5 people .Many thanks in anticipation

started by: Diamant-572481 · last update: 1439924065 · posted: 1439892131

Hello out there. I used to have a man collect used cooking oil that came from confelons area, but seem to have lost his number. Does any one know of a person that collects used oil I have over a 100 liters and in the next 2 weeks that will go up by another 40.  thank you for any help

started by: jez195 · last update: 1439894521 · posted: 1439741133

Hi All   Have friends over who want to meet us in Jonzac for Lunch,any suggestions for nice restaurant. Thanks.

started by: PoorbutHappy · last update: 1439559310 · posted: 1439463975

Could anyone advise what would be a reasonable price for 500g of honey if bought from a local beekeeper.

started by: VB-550815 · last update: 1439337690 · posted: 1438383640

Hi, has anyone out there got overstocked with Marmite? If so and you're anywhere near Ruffec,Civray or Sauze please let me know as I'm getting low.  Thanks Val

started by: waterloo-562793 · last update: 1439212847 · posted: 1438975033

Hi we heard there was a curry van in Chef Boutonne tonight. Does anyone know why it wasn't there? Yes we know we could do our own but every now its FUN to try something else!!!

started by: TopShot · last update: 1438440148 · posted: 1438385791

When it comes to mustard, I quite like the mildness of Dijon with some foods, but there are also times when I want some heat! Planning to make Choucroute Alsacienne tomorrow, I thought it would be ideal to have it with German mustard so I went to Lidl as Leclerc couldn't help. I found a jar in Lidl labelled "Moutard Dijon" but it was more yellow than Dijon normally is, so I bought it on the offchance. I tried it when I returned home and, wow, it is as strong as Colmans English mustard but the best thing is the price. Lidl mustard, 370gms. for 38cents, (27p), Colmans from Tesco, 170gms. for £1.54. (2,15€). That makes the Lidl product 8p/100gms. and Colmans 90p/100gms.! On that basis I don't think I shall be asking visitors from the UK to bring Colmans mustard any more.

started by: Jo and Tim · last update: 1438212695 · posted: 1438198697

Hello, does anyone know where we can buy wine yeast for country wines? We are near Ruffec and have tried supermarkets, garden centres, pharmacies and caves. Thanks for your help.

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