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I am trying to obtain plans of my fosse installation , installed by Terre and Eau ( Carl Dyson) and over-seen by Nicholas Raven. All my emails are being ignored , perhaps I have the wrong email addresses ???? Could anyone give me up to date contact details please.

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Hi, Can anyone recommend somewhere for us to have some French language lessons, just a couple of hours a week. I'm a beginner, understand the language better than I can speak it and my partner is beginner /intermediate level. Any recommendations are greatly appreciated. Thank you Laura 

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We have recently returned from our first visit to our holiday home in the Vienne.  Does anyone know where we can buy a supply of logs for our woodburner, and what is a fair price to pay for the logs?  We are near Blanzay, midway between Civray and Couhe. We have also failed to find any recycling bins in the local area!  We have seen several in Deux Serves, but none close to the house - can anyone point us in the right direction to save us drowning in plastic, paper, and of course, the odd wine bottle or two! Thank you

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Hi, does anyone know of an English speaking female doctor not too far from Mirambeau or jonsac etc. Many thanks.

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Looking for an auto mobile electrician to fix problem with speedometer on renault mascott

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It seems like the spammers are getting their post deleted, at last.. Bravo! Hope the site gets back to near it's cheerfull and useful previous self.  

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Today I bought a Parkside circular saw from Lidl by debit card.  Normally Parkside tools are excellent, but when I got home and tried it out, the laser light doesnn't wok and the bearing / motor sounds as if it's already on its last legs.   Lidl used to have a three no quibble take it back to shop guarantee but I understand it has changed.   Has anyone recent experience of their new guarantee policy.   Thanks for any replies

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i live in cellefrouin (16). would anyone be interested in meeting up as a free group for french conversation nearby

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hi everyone, I need to get a second opinion regarding the health of my 9 month old puppy and would really appreciate if anyone could advise me of the telephone numbers of the vets for the above mentioned places. It would help if you could let me know ,if they are able to speak some english so I can discuss the problem properly or I will use my french as best I can.   thanks ever so   Songbird  

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Are Smart Expat and Anglo Info one and the same now, run by the same people?

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Hi, can anyone give me some advice as the best pay as you go provider for long term use in France. Without being  charge for incoming calls from UK etc. Using UK provider at moment but now being charge roaming costs out of my balance instead of my package. Thanks.

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The only number available on letters, website and annuaire is 3646 which does nothing!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi all! I have just come to Royan a month ago and I'm looking for some english speaking people who would like to grab a coffee or a drink or maybe go cycling some day during a week. :) Royan is lovely however my poor level of French  still doesn't allow me to make conversation with locals, so I'd be more than happy to meet some people from around here :) Anyone? :)

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Hello....if you’re going to be on this flight, you might get able to help with a quandary! Our elderly and sometimes confused neighbour will be flying to visit his family. He’s very anxious about it so if there anyone who could keep an eye on him. Perhaps say a friendly hello, it would help. We’ve booked assisted travel but are worried that he might be left by himself in departures and get all worked up. I’m not sure if we can even enter the terminal as we’re not flying. 0549276887

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I bought some items in the Bordeaux store of Leroy Merlin. Does anyone know if it's possible to change them in another store.  I don't want money back just need to exchange. thanks in advance gor our help.

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Cream of Tartar Buttermilk Surgical Spirit(s) as an afterthought, what exactly is equivalent in UK to 'Fromage Blanc'.  It seems similar to Creme Fraiche which I use as 'sour cream'? Hope someone can help Mo  

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Has  anyone an idea how I can send small amounts of money to our grandchildren for birthdays ect ????? we have been with the post office for almost 20 years, but from June last year where unable to do this. I am at a loss 

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klargester septic tanks are quite reasonably priced in the uk, and as they meet the newer eec regs, are they able to be brought over and fitted into our holiday home? or are they also reasonably priced in Vienne? Our newly purchased house fosse, does not comply, so we are about to go through the process of updating. Cheers

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Hi we  currently own a 2nd property in poitou charente but are looking to sell and buy a property that at first will be for holidays but then to retire to. What areas of pays de la loire are popular. We would ideally like an area that's got everything! We like tranquility at times but also a bit of life close by.We would like eventually to have  expat support for when we retire but not so much in your face as we are moving there for the french way of life !As well as what's a good area what are the areas to avoid,thanks

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