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I have a number of £20 paper bank notes and need to send them to the bank of england to get paid into a bank account the bureau de change no longer take paper notes

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Bonjour!I am looking for a long-term two bedroom house rental in the area surrounding Mirambeau. +/- 600 p/m, 70m2, garden & garage would be lovely!Thanks for any suggestions!

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Hi, we are looking for a cleaning/handover service for our farmhouse in Dept 79. Can anybody recommend a reliable person or company please. Thanks Jayne & Sean 

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Hello everyone,Need some items moving within the next 3 weeks (approx 1 cubic metre square) from Villemain in Deux-Sevres (79) to Chorley in Lancashire, if anyone is travelling to England from that area.Please contact Brian on 07712 881679.

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HiLooking to move some items back from region 79 to the Greater Manchester area and wondered if anybody knew anyone or if someone was heading back that way soon.Regards 

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Hello, I  am enquiring for a retired gentleman who moved in with a lady in March 2022 for a new life together but 3 weeks later he was  told he had to leave because she was  trasing him for a later model..... The poor man is desperately trying to find somewhere with a roof over his head as the lady has called huissiers to get him to leave her house and he is not sure what to do to survive! Anyone with a studio,  gite, anything reasonable short or long term would be appreciated, so please  contact me ASAP. Thank you Thank you 

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We have recently returned from our first visit to our holiday home in the Vienne.  Does anyone know where we can buy a supply of logs for our woodburner, and what is a fair price to pay for the logs?  We are near Blanzay, midway between Civray and Couhe. We have also failed to find any recycling bins in the local area!  We have seen several in Deux Serves, but none close to the house - can anyone point us in the right direction to save us drowning in plastic, paper, and of course, the odd wine bottle or two! Thank you

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HELP: PLEASE, does someone out there know of a qualified person who will do the usual testing in Rochefort and issue a certificate?We have a large, free standing Verneuil HR - 27HRB gas boiler which in line with our home (Rochefort) insurance is inspected every year and issued with a certificate bill of health. Today the guy turns up and leaves, doing nothing but stating that it requires dismantling. It works fine and for the last 15 years has only been used for a maximum of three months in any year. I have contacted the company who bought the boiler makers in 2017. The boiler was made in 2009 (and works fine). The companies advice is to find someone else to inspect and do the usual test. Someone who isn't as anal as the guy sent this time. Thanking you in advance.

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Hithere is a problem of light pollution at night from my local wind turbine parc, I wish to complain. I've searched google to find the company that maintains them but I've had no luck. My local Mairie hasn't helped either. Does anyone know who to contact for Trayes 79240 please?

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Members, participants, In considering converting a van in to a camper-van I am faced with the following considerations. On a Spanish plate a van converted to a camper will not pass inspection unless it's use has been changed officially with all that that entails. To this end owners often remove the interior for inspections. If I buy a van in France I benefit from LHD and EU tax paid. If I convert it without change of use and later drive it to and register it in Portugal does anyone know if it will automatically be accepted as a camper-van for registration purposes, e.g. be a relatively simple process? My alternative is to buy in the U.K. and while relatively simple to re-register in the UK as a camper after conversion, thus satisfying Portuguese requirements for registering, it's RHD with EU tax payable. Anyone In-The-Know as buying a French registered van with EU tax paid and LHD would on the face of it be the better option?

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Can anyone reccommend a jeweller, in the Angouleme/Cognac area, where I can get jewellery valued for insurance purposes please.

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Hi does any one have knowledge of an english speaking dentist near to Mirambeau 17150. Thanks.

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I own what used to be a small farm. It is in dire need of work, including the house. I bought it a few years ago hoping to move there but my present home was subsequently severely flooded. Then I developed cancer. I just can't cope with all of this. I don't have the money either. I would like to GIVE this land to a family from South Africa. It IS small and it DOES need money to fix but it could keep a family fed and safe. It is 0ha 79a 20ca. I don't know what that means in footage. It has a well, some fruit trees and is in a safe place with good neighbours.Does this sound crazy? 

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Please is anyone able to give an informed references on general builders - especially plasterers covering departements 86, 16, and 17. I would be grateful

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Hello,After many years in the Hotel/Tourism industry, it's time for a change. I am looking to convert to a career in teaching.  I was hoping to exchange with someone who has previous experience and ask a few questions about the industry and their experiences in it.

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I am moving to Civray at the end of February and have received permission to close the small road for unloading of the removal lorry. The permission says I have to put diversion signs and cones in place. Does anyone know where I can hire these in the Civray / Savigne / Ruffec area?

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After all the COVID troubles, I decided to book a quick trip to see my parents in the UK. Living not far from Poitiers Airport, I had a quick look at the Ryanair flights to London Stansted. I was very nicely surprised to see that they now fly to Lisbon and Edinburgh too....thats great for a nice long weekend. Good to see that Poitiers is picking up.....

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hello everyone my Name is Sultan i am new here in Ruffec looking for friend fell free to chat i am 30 years older whatsapp me +33751193122 thanks have nice day 

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Hi, my wife and I are both residents in France, we have been trying to get a Visa for my wife's son who has a mental illness, he's 42 and although he can manage to a certain extent, we would like to have him with us. In the past he has stayed with us and flies back to UK every month for blood/hospital tests, usually on a Sunday and returns the following Thursday, my wife books these flights for the year, I have to accompany him. At the moment he now has 90 days, which curtails our stays at our house. My wife is his career and I am his appointee by the DHSS in the UK. He is financially self sufficient with no reliance on the French system, with full Euro Travel insurance which includes repatriation. We have jumped through all the hoops and filled in all the forms but cannot get an appointment in Manchester, each time I telephone I get the message they are very busy leave your phone number and we will get back to you. No-one ever rings back! Has anyone had any success going down this route? 

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Hi does anybody know of an English speaking dentist near to st bonnet sur gironde, or Mirambeau. Many thanks.

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