28 sec Kerosene.

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Does anyone know if 28 sec kerosene is available from a normal fuel supplier, so it can be bought in bulk ie getting a domestic oil tank filled, rather than having to go to a filling station and filling your can? Any comments would be appreciated.

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Is this the same stuff used in "Parrafin" heaters usually bought in supermarkets or brico stores for around the 20 € for 20 litres?
If so is it cheaper to fill it up at pumps (I didn't know you could) and which stations sell it from pumps?
And as the OP says can you get it delivered in bulk.
Really looking forward to the winter!!!

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Yes its available at some filling stations, certainly Leclerc at Pon's has it but I think .89 cents per litre at the moment. They also call it Lubrifiant, but it is 28 sec Kero. I have looked in yellow pages and there are some Fioul suppliers advertising this stuff so may be cheaper if your buying say 500 litres. Will be phoning them today so will post again later.

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Just heard that Auchan in Poitiers are doing it for 15 € / 20 litres
So works out at 0,75 € / litre

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My wife telephoned a Fioul supplier today called Fioul Atlantique in Saintes, she was quoted 0.70 cents per liter delivered, for 500 liters, definately the cheapest way to go, but you will need a tank with a tap I guess. You see them secondhand from time to time quite cheap or sometimes free.

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is this the stuff the french call petrole?...............lots of leclerc petrol(note spelling) stations sell it from a pump at the edge of the normal pumps...........ours is a white pump

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Yes that's the stuff. The french call it Petrole or Lubrifiant or maybe even Kerosene. In the Uk we call it 28 Sec Kerosene, heating oil. Maybe parafin is also the same!. The Normal heating oil in France is 32 Sec Mazout.

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My husband has just installed a Rayburn Novelle from the UK and the instruction booklet says it takes 28sec kerosene. Is paraffin (petrol) safe to use instead of kerosene? I did contact Rayburn in the UK but they told me that paraffin could not be used instead, as I found it extremely difficult to try and find kerosene in france.

Have you been successful with using your paraffin with your Rayburn?

Would very much appreciate your comments/advice.



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28 sec kerosene is not stocked in France as there is no demand for it. The French norm for heating oil is 32 sec oil so why would anyone stock it?

An acqaintance of mine tried to save money yearas ago by buying a boiler in UK and then had the same problem. He ended up buying a French boiler and losing thousands of pounds.

Good luck in finding it.

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I wonder if your friend had trouble burning 28 sec. oil or just being told, over here, that it wouldn't work, by someone with limited knowledge. 28 sec. will work in a boiler designed for 32 but will require adjustments to be made to ensure correct combustion. This may be done simply by altering fuel pressure and/or air regulation. Sometimes a different fuel jet may be required - a slight change in output may result - either way a combustion chamber flue gas analysis will be required which would be done on commissioning anyway. My hubby has used many fuel viscosities in different boilers, to suit the available supply - 32 sec. gas turbine fuel in a 28 sec. burner, being only one example. Oil boilers are usually very flexible with the correct set-up.

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For anyone who finds this in 2017 - the 28 sec oil boilers from the
UK vs 35 sec oil boilers from France is still a conundrum.  It can be

Thankfully I made good headway in
getting a decent answer on this, from a very helpful chap called John
Baxter at Grant UK boilers' technical support (I spoke to Worcester Bosch and they were
singularly unhelpful). One of the reasons John was a particularly good
source of knowledge is that he also has a house in France and has had
his UK-purchased boiler running successfully in France for the last 8
years.  Here is the summary of how to do it.

Because France oil is thicker, you need a smaller nozzle jet and higher pump pressure to atomize the oil.

the condensing boiler (hence more effiecient and cheaper to run) Grant
VortexPro 36/46kw with a default 41kw output, John said to change the
nozzle jet to 0.75/80 degree/solid.  Pump pressure of 14.5 bar.

Note this nozzle / pump combination is specific to this specific boiler so contact him for exact details.

John retires 2018 so speak to him before then if you need help.

Good luck.

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