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French aeronautical training school located in Rochefort is looking for a retired service-man to teach technical and general english to a small group of students from the gulf.Contact : bach.francis.fdai@orange.fr

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Hi, have you had any replies in relation to the above ad? I am an ex police officer and spent the last 3 years working in the police training academy as a trainer. i have teaching qualifications. let me know if i can assist. Thank you

Francis-BACH-941283 1568702610

Hi, thanks for your reply. For the time being we hired a retired officer from the South African Navy to teach English to our Qatari students. In case of further need I will contact you. Kindly send me an e-mail to exchange our adress and phone number. Thanks.

bach.francis.fdai@orange.fr - 06 75 92 76 79

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