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where is the micro climate in this area Charente /Royan

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Intheshed 1637570190

Always considered the Charente-Maritime to have a 'micro climate' not just a small area. 

Brittany gets the wet blowy weather and that reduces as one goes south. But the further south one goes the influence of the Pyrenees affects things with strong winds and rain.

Also, keeping near the coast keeps it warmer. The Charente is quite a lot colder than the C-M.

Somewhere like the Dordogne is cold in winter and hot/muggy in the summer. Near Saintes here, we very rarely get ice or snow, or the sweltering heat.

2chestnuts 1638291456

The micro-climate in Charente Maritime is the area inside a triangle drawn from La Rochelle toCognac   then diagonally down to the Gironde Estuary.

barryandpat-550891 1638358621

It is here in La Villedieu, it rains everywhere else.

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