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We have just bought our new home in Chef Boutonne , which we plan on renovating. Does anybody know the cheapest places for materials locally? Sand, gravel, plasterboards, insulation etc Also need to hire sandblasting equipment if anyone knows of anywhere. Thanks in advance. 

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lowe86 1566304085

Worth looking on Facebook pages as people give things away they no longer need.  We have a large bag of interior tile cement and grout which we were asking 15 euros for.  Got a whole Kitchen which we had to dismantle but it was oak and rubbed down and painted for 250 euros saved 1000's.  Good luck

Barley Cat 1566633224

Wood.... Rulliers in CB

sand etc...L’Diffusion in Melle

There’s also an equipment hire place in Melle. It’s called Location Melloise and they’ve been there a long time and are friendly and helpful.

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