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Hi, has anyone done any selling on Ebay France - or Ebay UK from France? I have loads of stuff to sell, we used to have 2 second hand/brocante/antique/architectual (call it what you will) shops in London, and bought loads of stuff with us, plus have bought loads more for various projects. The long and the short is I can't move for 'stuff' - mainly furniture, and would like to start shifting it! Any advice on how to start, your experiences/ is it worth it very much appreciated.ThanksShelley

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Dolly bird-551358 1264008305

Hi, you can use French ebay the same as the UK one, just set up an account. (Paypal is a seperate account) I still use my UK one at times as there are things that will sell there not here and vice verse. The thing will be postage/delivery. I tend to wait until I am just going back and then I can send from there as it is cheaper.
Don't know if it helps.

newhouseinfrance 1264008594

I sell on eBay for my living. Everything will be sold before I move to France, I've looked into it carefully and no way would I sell as a business from France.

If you sell as a business in France you will need at least AE, because eBay will soon pick up your are a business if you sell too much, and that will be a nightmare for you when you end up paying taxes on shipping costs and other overheads and there is no taxable allowance of any kind. All turnover attracts taxation!.

My advice is don't bother with eBay. Sell using classified ads on AI etc.

splodge-551969 1264009956

Hi Dolly bird and New in France

Thanks for the advice. I do buy alot of stuff from ebay, and either get it sent to UK or here if the postage is not too inflated!

NewinFrance - I reckon you could be right. I'm already set up as AE with another business, so need to look into it if I can add it on. Might have been better to stay as I was for the last 5 years as a micro and just add on selling as a second business! How knows!!!! I have sold some stuff via AI, but as the pages move up so quickly with all the people selling on this site it's a bit hit and miss.

I will look into it more this end, concerning AE and adding another business - then again if any of you clever people on AI have already tried/had advice (conflicting?) on this subject would be grateful if you could point me to the right links etc.

Jade-17 1264012222

If you have a e bay account in the uk you do not need a new one in France ,I used to sell dvds in England but I had a good postoffice , I could just drop a bag of 100 every monday morning and the woman used to do the postage when she had time...

If you have heavy or bulky stuff , just put collection only ,I think French e bay is the same with turbo lister etc...

Stevesb 1264015513

you could try using expat auctions

Sinbad1132 1264019457

There is no problem with registering as a business seller on ebay, it is fairly straightforward and costs you no more in fees than if you were an ordinary seller. You will however need to be registered as you will need all the details to fax to Germany before you can sell as a professional. As already pointed out if you sell alot and particularly similar type stuff they will pick up on you, they seem to monitor more here as it is not as popular as the UK. Really with auto entrepreneur there is no excuse these days to not be registered. You had to pay your dues in the UK, why not in France?? If you live in France and are making a living why should anyone not contribute. As in all business you need to take this into account when you price to sell!!!!!!!

barryandpat-550891 1264020512

I looked on expat auctions but there is nothing for sale (0).

I have used Ebay in the past, to be able to sell on uk I used my old address in the isle of man, and my postal address in france.

Paypal is via france in english using my french bank in euros, paypal convert to pounds or dollars.

Most of my selling was smallish motor parts though it worked well I advertised in english and french on

At first i wasnt to good on the language so I put the english ebay side by side with the french ebay on screen so that I could

understand the setting up of the item for sale in french.

I still have a few more bits to sell to fund a restoration project on a SEAT 600E , but later this year.

You could try LEBONCOIN or even ANGLOFILE?

Have a good one, Barry

splodge-551969 1264083271

Hi Kirsty Thanks for your email, thought I'd answer here, as I have had some private emails asking what I have to sell.

We have lots of old furniture, metal bedsteads, French 'cot/day beds'.
Wacky 1950's - 1970's chairs, side tables and sofas, plus other furniture and deco 50-70's style.
Wood burning stoves,
lots of period lighting - chandeliers, iron lights,
deco bedroom suite,
deco dressing table with large round mirror
Large leather sofa
Lots of metal garden sets, plus chairs and garden benches... the list is endless!

Near St Jean d'Angely (17). Contact me for photos

Thanks all who replied and for the advice - Sinbad, 'If you live in France and are making a living why should anyone not contribute.' I wasn't trying not to contribute to the French system,as I have already been doing for the last 6 years, just to see what other people who have had experience with ebay have done. I'm going to take the plunge next week - wish me luck!

EasyJock-539048 1264091038

I still use ebay, but depending on what you're buying/selling you MAY want to look at "Etsy" (just Google it) and you'll find a largely-US based site, particularly good for small hand-made items of all descriptions........but I've also just bought other goods recently (like designer spectacle frames) which were only 25% of that which was being offered on ebay fo the exact same items.

Great place for one off presents-with-a difference and generally much cheaper postage (even from the US and Canada) than ebay.

Have a look....(I'm not attached to them in any way)................and good luck.

EasyJock-539048 1264091604

EX-PAT Auctions???

Why would you wanna do that??

No-one else does..................and the site is a desert !!!!!!

splodge-551969 1264091806

Hi easyjock I've never heard of Etsy - will have a look as I also have (did I not say the list was endless!) lots of 'smalls' - interesting pottery, mostly 50's - 70's which should be popular in the states.
I'm going to be kept busy - will need to buy a more comfortable chair for sitting in front of the computer!

Charente Vintage 1264151839


I sell on eBay UK and I LOVE IT! I am a registered business user in France, but only really sell on eBay UK.

The only problem I have is the postage. It can be prohibitively expensive to post items from France. Although, we make our larger deliveries once a month to the UK in our van.

Splodge - from what you describe I think your stuff sounds fab! I love this sort of thing and I would say give it a go! I have looked at Etsy but didn't think too much of it, but you may find it great! And once you've sold all your other stuff, you get to go shopping again for more! Happy days!

Good luck!

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