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Hi all, I am just in the process of buying a house in Chabanais and was under the impression that there was a railway line but have since found out that the train station shut in 2018 and there is only one bus a week from Limoges on a Saturday.  There doesn't seem to be any buses around the area.  Can anyone give further info?  I do drive but am thinking of visitors and not always wanted to hire a car as it will be a holiday home at first.

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Glo-577423 1638269872

Unfortunately you don't have a train or bus option for Limoges to Chabanais.

Taxi or a lift from yourself or locals are your only option i'm afraid,  public transport is just not an option.

Do enjoy your move though.

Kind regards

Tracy-Roberts-1016040 1638270302

Thanks for your response Glo!  That’s a shame.  Do you know if getting the train to Saillat and then a taxi is an option?

Barley Cat 1638343340

Take a look at Rome2Rio….transport network website. It will work out how to get from anywhere to anywhere….

Tracy-Roberts-1016040 1638344962

Hi Barley Cat.  I was hoping that someone could give me an idea how easy it is to get a taxi from the train station closest to where I am trying to get to.

Beemer-R80RT/K75C 1638822614

Buy a cheap motor and leave it here, taxis are expensieve

Beemer-R80RT/K75C 1638822653

OOps! finger trouble

Beemer-R80RT/K75C 1639057808

I believe the nearest Gare to you is Ruffec

jtbridge-541341 1639473374

The railway is scheduled to re-open but I've forgotten when. It's the Angoulême to Limoges line, both with good links to Paris although the Angoulême route is faster, being LGV. The Roumazières-Loubert (Terres-de-Haute-Charente) by-pass which is under construction includes a new expensive bridge to accommodate the line and recently I've noticed some track clearance taking place. This link shows a train, but it could be a bus

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