Visa for more than 3 months for France.

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Hi, my wife and I are both residents in France, we have been trying to get a Visa for my wife's son who has a mental illness, he's 42 and although he can manage to a certain extent, we would like to have him with us. In the past he has stayed with us and flies back to UK every month for blood/hospital tests, usually on a Sunday and returns the following Thursday, my wife books these flights for the year, I have to accompany him. At the moment he now has 90 days, which curtails our stays at our house. My wife is his career and I am his appointee by the DHSS in the UK. He is financially self sufficient with no reliance on the French system, with full Euro Travel insurance which includes repatriation. We have jumped through all the hoops and filled in all the forms but cannot get an appointment in Manchester, each time I telephone I get the message they are very busy leave your phone number and we will get back to you. No-one ever rings back! Has anyone had any success going down this route? 

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So you have applied for a Visa for him to live full time with you as he is dependent on your wife being a carer? or do you just want him to be able to come for more than 90 days ie a 12 month visitor visa 

If you want him to stay full time remember that he will be able to export some of his benefits and thus might be able to get an S1 

Do not forget that during this time of the year everything grinds to a halt so I am afraid that patience is required

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