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Can anyone tell m,e what's happening with the tax fonciere?   Last year i got the invoice in Sept and having just paid the habitation tax it's jogged my memory that i haven't received the fonciere- and nervous to get into trouble with the French bureaucrats!Incidentally habitation and foncière taxes together are now similar to our UK council tax (full rate for both of us),   and the UK house is worth many times more than the French house which after months on the market has not sold.   and selling for less than its cost incl needed improvements after 13 years. Out in the shires (not London) a decent house, and sensibly priced sells rapidly.   Our last house sold to the first viewer during the first week.

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Hi, mid-age couple a bit lost in Charente looking to meet new friends ( socializing, sharing experience etc:)

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How I still have a vote in the upcoming UK general election, 16 years after leaving the UK (and until the end of 2020), and how to check your own eligibility:The 15 year voting limit for overseas voters may not start from the date you leave the UK:Contrary to the advice given on the gov.uk website, the 15 year restriction on overseas voters does not begin from the date a British citizen leaves the UK, but from the last day that an elector was last on a register of electors in the UK, either as an ordinary elector or as a service voter, i.e. the last day on which a person was on the register before they were removed. This may be sometime after the date you leave the UK, depending on when the Electoral Service updates carries out a canvass and updates the register.The determining factor in an overseas application is that the elector appeared on a parliamentary register within 15 years: Conditions that apply to a person who is (or was) included in a register of Parliamentary electors before they left the UK: • that entry on the register was made on the basis that they were resident, or treated for the purposes of registration as resident, at that address • that the entry on the register was in force within 15 years of the date given on the declaration provided as part of the application to register as an overseas elector and • they have not appeared in any other electoral register for any other qualifying address since being last registered at the application address(Part 4 ERO guidance para 7.7 p90-91)Determining when you were removed from the UK Parliamentary Register:To find out whether you are still eligible to vote you will need to contact your local Electoral Services to find out when you last appeared on the UK Parliamentary Register, and this will determine your eligibility to register to vote. The contact details of your local Electoral Registration Services can be found by typing the postcode (of the address you are registered to in the UK) into www.yourvotematters.co.uk The full rules and regulations for overseas voters can be found from page 90 of this document: https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/sites/default/files/2019-09/Part%204%20Maintaining%20the%20register%20throughout%20the%20year_2.pdfRegistering as an overseas voter:Once you have established whether you are still eligible to vote you will need to register as an overseas voter. If it is more than 15 years since you left the UK, you will not be able to do this on the gov.uk website, as the website will ask for the date the left you UK and blocks applications for leaving dates of 15 years or more ago. However, you can download a form at this website:https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/711683/Register-to-vote-as-an-overseas-voter-orginally-resident-England-or-Wales.pdfVoting by post:If you require a postal vote you should also complete the postal vote application which is available here:https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/sites/default/files/2019-09/Postal-vote-application-form.pdfVoting by proxy:For information on voting by proxy:https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/voter/voting-person-post-or-proxy/voting-proxyFurther information on your right to vote:The Electoral Commission:Advice received from the Electoral Commission is as follows:"If the elector is included in the parliamentary register within a 15 year period they are able to register as an overseas elector, even if they left the country before this point.However, the decision of the ERO is final, and we cannot force them to follow our guidance."To contact the Electoral Commission:The Electoral CommissionTel: +44 (0)20 7271 0549electoralcommission.org.uk

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Hi allDoes anyone know of a uk car insurance company that accepts No claims Bonus from a French insurance company please  many thanks  Bill

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Is anyone using this instead of Orange  for emails/internet?  New neighbour working on his house is in contact with his family via giffgaff so doesn’t need an Orange contract.

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Hi there,I wonder if anyone lives in or near Souvigne just outside of Villefagnan? My husband and I are looking to purchase a property there to start our journey of a big life change and one we have been dreaming of for nearly a decade! Does anyone know any English people who live in that area who would be able to just talk to us about life there, how the Mayor feels about English people moving to the area, about the schools, amenities etc? We have done a huge amount of research online but of course first hand experiences are much more valid. We have a two year son and my anxiety is that we are used to having toddler groups to go to but I understand that these are not necessarily the thing they do in France? I had seen a couple of notices about groups when we were over back in September. Just any information/advice/first hand experiences would be so very gratefully received. Thank you! Kat

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I would be very pleased to hear from you if you are, just a couple or three questions for you.

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Could someone advise me please as i've tried to research and can't find a definate answerIf you have a gite for holiday makers, how long are you allowed to rent it out for, for example can you rent it for the whole year?I have declared to the Marie and have the form 14004*02 - does anyone have this and know if you are allowed to rent for the whole year?Thanks for any advice offered.

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Hi, Does anybody know the nearest fish and chips mobile van/shop to Mansle 16  please??Many thanks

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Bernard Weatherill brings you an amazing range of accessories andapparel designed to liven up your wardrobe. Shop today at the best online store for clothing in UK and leave everyone you meet mesmerized. The superior stitching andthe amazing materials used in the creation of each clothing item gives you thefreedom to take on your day with confidence and energy.

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hi ive just acquired a h van I would like info on spares availability new or used also a service manual thanks

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Canon printer driver means the driver you have installed against your printer is either old or not compatible. The other reason behind this error is that your driver is corrupt and computer is unable to recognise it. If you’re surrounded by such error and looking for solutions, you must always call the professionals who are there for support. This problem can easily be resolved by their fruitful assistance, thus, call them on http://www.canoncustomersupport.co.uk/ and avail solutions . You have no time limitations , therefore, dial their number and get solutions that can be useful to fix issues.

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Hi all, I am looking for recommendations for someone who installs Fosse Septiques in around the Sauze Vaussais 79 area. TIA

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Hi,Has anyone recently obtained a certificate of conformity for a renault master 2002 uk van.If so could you leave contact details to be able to purchase one as I am not having much luckCheers

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Have been trying to post adverts for several days with no success. Anyone else having problems?

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Good morning allI need to know how to re-register a uk car that came to France and is now French registered, I purchased the car in France already registered here, also when selling a house in France who pays the Notaire, the vendor or the buyer Many thanks for any advice  

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French aeronautical training school located in Rochefort is looking for a retired service-man to teach technical and general english to a small group of students from the gulf.Contact : bach.francis.fdai@orange.fr

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Hi, We have some friends visiting and one of them is allergic to gluten so we need to find somewhere that sells gluten/wheat free bread. We are based near Chef Boutonne so if anybody knows of a supermarket or chemist that sells gluten free products could they please let me know. Thanks Paul Paul

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At Logo Motix, a Custom Logo Design service inUK, we have trained a team of custom-built professionals who create closerelations with our customers ensuring you a reliable and loyal marketplace forweb and logo designs. We strive to design your brands, pushing you back to thehighest ranks to help your business grow strong.

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