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Hi OK Just for info the site is now live for  appointments   ( on line at some hospitals )  Sante.fr - Centres de Vaccination   Dave 

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Just a note to those who may not know ... many medications are only reimbursed 15% by the CPAM but 85% by the top up insurance. Many people think all prescribed medication is reimbursed between 60 and 70% but it isn't. However, 'non-reimbursable' medication is reimbursed by your mutuelle. Just thought this may help those of you who don't have mutuelle perhaps reconsider. I need 3 medications on a permanent basis which are only reimbursable 15% by the CPAM.

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I know this has been asked on here many times but as answers cannot be posted on the site I have to ask it again! Please can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor in Chalais? We have just moved to the area and trying to get ourselves organised. Many thanks 

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Can any one tell us where we can go in L'absie  to get a nurse to administer our Flu jabs?

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser in 16500 near Confolens. I am looking for someone who does colour/highlights. Many thanks Laura 

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I need a Doctor near Lorigne? I have moved to France in the last few weeks although haven't yet applied for residency (will be doing). I have and EIC and holiday insurance cover at the moment but need to see a doctor asap. Can I use my EIC if I'm not an 'official resident' yet (only moved across in October so not got the 3 month eligibility yet)? Also, can anyone recommend a local English speaking Doctor who would be able to help with a stye on my eye that is very infected (not a pretty sight) and has lasted for over a week despite bathing in salt water/using tea bags etc. HELP - sods law that I've not had a stye since I was a child and then get one in our first week moving across that just wont go and I don't have a clue what to do.... Any help very gratefully received!! 

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Hi all, Just done the big move from the UK to Esse 16500, second week in and absolutely loving it! Can anyone please tell me if there are any doctors in the area that they can recommend? Thanks in advance Laura 

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Does anyone know of an English-speaking GP in L'Absie/Moncoutant (79240) area?

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Can anyone recommend an opthalmologue who specialises in glaucoma in the southern Deux Sevres area.

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I live in Chef Boutonne, south of Niort. Can anybody recommend an osteopath nearby? I would prefer English speaking if possible but doesn't really matter. 

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We live in the Confolens area and for some reason we have never managed to register with a dentist. Can anyone recommend a good dentist in the area, ideally English speaking, but being good is most important.  I know that you will have to email me directly with any recommendations as we can't put these up on this site.Also I have not been able to work out if in France they do check- ups and have hygienists in the way they do in the UK? Thanks for any help and advice anyone can offer.

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Anyone in the Jonzac/Mirambeau areas with a diagnosis of Parkinsons disease ?  my husband has just been diagnosed and I would just like to chat with anyone with inside knowledge of the ins and outs and what to expect in France (provided we don't have to return to the UK after Brexit !!) ....am intending to go to the next Parkinson.fr meeting in Jonzac, but just wanted to know if there is anyone English speaking who has experience of this please ? Thankyou

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I know one cannot mention businesses by name but I have just been to the dentist in L'Absie (there's only one - he's in the phonebook) and just wanted to say that he is a real professional and very thorough.  His practice is ultra modern and he does have an assistant - which many dentists do not have.   My particular problem extraction required quite a lot of work and I felt nothing apart from the usual discomfort of trying to open my mouth as wide as a hippopotamus   Worth traveling a few miles  to.  (Also, he was able to see me within a fortnight).

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Hican anyone recommend a physiotherapist to treat a shoulder in the verteuil/Ruffec area?

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I have tried the Osteopath in Chef but she has no appointments for a month apparently. Can anybody recommend another osteopath within an hour of chef boutonne? Thanks 

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HelloI'm really confused about the reimbursement system from CPAM for my recent visits to the doctor.  Here's the story:1st visit to doctor - paid him 25 euros. Got 16.50 back from CPAM and 7.50 from Mutuelle (I know they retain 1.00 euro). Mutuelle paid 1) total amount of medication when I presented prescription at the chemist and 2) fees at laboratory for tests. 2nd visit to doctor - paid him 25 euros. Got 14.50 back from CPAM and 7.50 from Mutuelle.  Again prescription and lab fees were paid in full by Mutuelle.3rd visit to doctor - this was for my husband and myself.  Paid doctor 50.00 euros.  I received 12.50 from CPAM and 7.50 from Mutuelle.  Prescription was paid in full by Mutuelle. I received 12.50 from CPAM and 7.50 from Mutuelle.  My husband did not receive anything from CPAM but he did receive 7.50 from Mutuelle.  He received advice only and no testing or prescription was necessary.So my question is: why is there a difference in the CPAM refunds and why did my husband not receive a refund.  Any light that can be thrown on this would help me understand the system a bit more.  Many thanks.

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I need to get one of these done. Has anyone who has diabetes had one of these tests done in the Confolens area? If so, could you pass on the contact details of where it was done.

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My husband and I are in the process of applying for our Carte Vitale having decided to apply for French Residence.  We bought our Maison Secondaire some 12 years ago having previously used it for long vacations - up to three months.  Our health care in France has, up to now been covered by UK Annual Travel Insurance with upgrades for length of stay and Age plus our EHIC (UK).  However, since our retirement we have also spent five months a year in the USA.  The other issue we have is that my husband reaches his 80th Birthday next month.  What we would like is to have travel insurance to cover our stay in the USA as one trip as we will then be in France for the rest of the year.  Can anyone suggest an Insurance Company that would provide cover.  We do know that there is a possibility of refund of emergency costs from CPAM for French Residents but that is not guaranteed.  Thank you in advance for suggestions. 

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Hello! My husband (retired) and I (soon to be retired) are planning to relocate to this area next year. Whilst we have done a lot of research, we are still unsure about the cost of medical care/insurance and have heard that many people sell up in France and return to England because of this factor. I was hoping you might offer some advice. I wanted to get real information from someone in the know. Many thanks.

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My Dad is in need of a chiropodist and lives near Sauze Vaussais. Does anyone know of one and also how much he would expect to pay? Thanks

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