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Today, I have today put on an item for sale on the 'classified' section. But there is slightly some mistake in that and I need to make it correct. But there is no edit option available here. Please suggest how can I edit my postings?

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My Husband and I have a Cardiologist appointment in Cognac on the 18th June 2019 and need a District Nurse or similar to translate for us. If you know of anybody who can help please, do message me. Thank you

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Hi, does anyone know if the Dentist in Lorignac speaks good english?. As looking for an english speaking not too far from Mirambeau. Many thanks.

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Does anyone know how much this costs in france.

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Am contemplating knee replacement cos the pain is getting very bad just lately. Tramadol has limited effect.Have read storys of good and bad, would someone give me some encouragement please?Results in england seem worse than in France which are good.Does it cost an arm and a leg? Does one get re-imbersed?Thank you Barry 

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Hello my name is Amy, i'm a professionnal masseuse living in Saint Jean d'Angély. I can come to your house with all necessary professionnal equipment. If this interests you don't hesitate to contact me for an appointment. My number is please leave a message if i can't get to the phone and ill get back to you asap or on my Facebook page it's : amys-massages you can also find the prices there.Hope to hear from you soon. :)

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Can you buy over the counter relief it is taking so long to sign on and get our cards I am running out of my pain relief

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Is anyone out there on a Gluten Free diet?I have just started and would be grateful for any help, tips or advice on products avail etc.I have found the usual things in LeClerc, bread, flour, pasta, all ok if very expensive!I miss being able to have a 'normal' beer! I believe Sol beer is classed Gluten free but does not taste of much, also Peroni but I've not found it in Civray or Ruffec.Any help gratefully received.Thanks

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Hi, has anyone been to a Doctors and paid usual amount with Carte Vital. Still not received the difference two weeks later!..... normally comes back in a few days. How to I go about getting the problem sorted.

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I read somewhere the other day that the UK picks up the health care charges that we pay here in France once we reach retirement age.Can someone please enlighten me on this as we pay a fair wack each year in top up and it would be nice not to have to pay it.

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Hi does anybody know of the above who speaks good English not too far from Miranbeau please.

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can anyone recommend an English speaking Counsellor in the Civray/Ruffec area of the Poitou Charente please?  Many thanks

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Have recently moved to Jonzac can anyone recommend a Doctor here please.  Thanks in advance for any replies or advice.

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HiIs anyone able to recommend an Opthalmologist, preferably English speaking, in or around the Chalais area? My wife needs an eye test and examination. Please message me if you are able to help.Many thanks

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Has anyone out there claimed on their Assurance Complementaire for dental treatment costs? I have recently approached our insurers for the go ahead to have some dental treatment carried out (a crown and a bridge). They have offered to refund less than 200€ out of a bill for 2,800€. Is this the sort of sum we should expect to receive?  We should receive a similar amount of refund from CPAM according to the dentist which would still leave me with over 2,000€ to pay (and another nice holiday for the dentist, only joking). 

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Hi Does anyone know if crowns are covered under the carte vitale over here please. I have a crown already but have tooth ache under it, so Ill probably need a new crown after treatment. Thanks for help in advance.

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Hi, Does anybody know of any English speaking Doctors in or near Jarnac.

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Hi, we need an ophthamologist who speaks English as close to Civray as possible to run an eye test to determine the state of floaters. Confolens A&E have said that it is myodésopsie and should see an ophthamologist to have the tests done.

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Hello,My partner is a UK-qualfied counsellor with a practice in London and Kent. He commutes backwards and forwards every week and is thinking of starting another practice here in France. He speaks both English and Dutch (native Belgian) and has over 16 years' experience and having lived in various countries understands expat issues very well. He works with both adults and young people.Before going through the process of setting up a practice, becoming self-employed, SIRET, etc here in France, I was wondering if anyone had any experience of demand for counselling (face-toface, via Skype, whatever medium) among the expat community here in Poitou Charente? I noticed that there is a counselling directory site for English speaking counsellors in France, but no information about whether people actually use these services.Any thoughts gratefully received! Kps. if you have a specific issue that you need help with then please do not post publicly - send me a private message and I will gladly pass on his contact details so that you can arrange a confidential discussion.

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