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If there are any carers out there a get-together has been convened  by CCAS, ADMR and an organisation that helps with respite for carers. It is at the Residence Coudrais (opposite the Solidarite office) in Civray tomorrow, Friday 6th. May 2022, from 2pm. to 4.30pm. and will be happening every other Friday. You may bring the person you are looking after if you wish and there will be some sort of activity for them. It should be a good opportunity for us to share our experiences. Bt the way it's FREE!

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I lost my wallet And all relevant cards etc How do I get a replacement carte vitale can anybody please help. 

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Hi, Could anyone recommend an English speaking dentist in the St Claud area. I am aware of the rules about not disclosing details so just where they are would be fine. Thanks.

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Getting our first and second vaccinations was a doddle, using the Doctolib site for booking online, and getting them at the Parc des Exhibitions Vaccination Centre in Poitiers. The 5 month booster rule now applies, meaning that our Health Passes cease to function early January.No problem ... go to Doctolib ... and a) the Parc des Exhibitions Centre seems to have vanished, and b), nowhere remotely near Poitiers has any available slots whatsoever, until mid January. We can find slots fairly soon at Loudun and Chatellerault, but they are far too far from us!Can everywhere around Poitiers really be fully booked up, or is there some glitch?

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Hi first thanks to all who have  e mailed me great response. I have arranged a meeting for Wednesday this next week 26th February.Please send private e mail for address and phone number just in case I have missed anyone out. I have done some research and found a excellant site called depression alliance they strongly support self help groups they are in many countries but not France, and have loads of info for depression.This may help some who dont feel able to come to the meeting or live to far away. Once again thankyou all for your kind support despite some who are not fellow sufferers. Reading my e mails made me realise a group is a good idea Regards

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Hi can anyone "help" I am so confused. situation as follows! I now live 365 days per year in France. which means I can be covered by S1. and pay for a top up Insurance if necessary. (Not sure yet but think the S1 form has now been completed correctly from UK I will take them to CPAM office tomorrow. ) I have been waiting 3 months for this! My husband who pays UK NIC (works in UK and other countries) He comes home some weekends and holidays I naturally assumed he would also be covered by the S1. But I now understand he should be using a E111. Is this is true and if he is using the E111 can he get a topup Insurance on this. In the likelyhood he was ill or hospitalised then I would expect him to be treated In France with me rather than UK I would very much appreciate any help on this - I seem to be knocked from all areas.!!

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Does anyone know of an English speaking General Practitioner near 79240 L'Absie?

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Will a French Optician recognise a U.K. contact lens prescription? I see that lenses are cheaper in France. Thanks Tim 

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Hi, does anyone know if the hairdresser in St Thomas sur gironde speaks any English?. Many thanks

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Help I think I have an a ceded tooth and need some urgent treatment - how do I access a dental practice near me . I live in Aulnay,

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hi, i am after an english speaking dentist anywhere in the charente.I heard there was one in confolens but she does not seem to speak any more english  than my own dentist in chasseneuil , which is not enough.It is for the usual stuff but not in this case. The problem is I have a gum condition which he is not really sorting out and I cannot get him to understand what is going on so he can give the correct treatment.I do speak reasonable french, but unless you are nearly fluent, medical terms will loose most people. I have  heard there is a dentist  that speaks good english in angouleme somewhere.Does anyone know who this is. I really dont care where the dentist practices, if there is anyone out there who can help and knows one who can speak good english anywhere, I would be obliged.

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Just a note to those who may not know ... many medications are only reimbursed 15% by the CPAM but 85% by the top up insurance. Many people think all prescribed medication is reimbursed between 60 and 70% but it isn't. However, 'non-reimbursable' medication is reimbursed by your mutuelle. Just thought this may help those of you who don't have mutuelle perhaps reconsider. I need 3 medications on a permanent basis which are only reimbursable 15% by the CPAM.

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I know this has been asked on here many times but as answers cannot be posted on the site I have to ask it again! Please can anyone recommend an English speaking Doctor in Chalais? We have just moved to the area and trying to get ourselves organised. Many thanks 

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Can any one tell us where we can go in L'absie  to get a nurse to administer our Flu jabs?

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Hi, Can anyone recommend a mobile hairdresser in 16500 near Confolens. I am looking for someone who does colour/highlights. Many thanks Laura 

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I need a Doctor near Lorigne? I have moved to France in the last few weeks although haven't yet applied for residency (will be doing). I have and EIC and holiday insurance cover at the moment but need to see a doctor asap. Can I use my EIC if I'm not an 'official resident' yet (only moved across in October so not got the 3 month eligibility yet)? Also, can anyone recommend a local English speaking Doctor who would be able to help with a stye on my eye that is very infected (not a pretty sight) and has lasted for over a week despite bathing in salt water/using tea bags etc. HELP - sods law that I've not had a stye since I was a child and then get one in our first week moving across that just wont go and I don't have a clue what to do.... Any help very gratefully received!! 

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Hi all, Just done the big move from the UK to Esse 16500, second week in and absolutely loving it! Can anyone please tell me if there are any doctors in the area that they can recommend? Thanks in advance Laura 

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Does anyone know of an English-speaking GP in L'Absie/Moncoutant (79240) area?

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Can anyone recommend an opthalmologue who specialises in glaucoma in the southern Deux Sevres area.

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I live in Chef Boutonne, south of Niort. Can anybody recommend an osteopath nearby? I would prefer English speaking if possible but doesn't really matter. 

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