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Getting our first and second vaccinations was a doddle, using the Doctolib site for booking online, and getting them at the Parc des Exhibitions Vaccination Centre in Poitiers. The 5 month booster rule now applies, meaning that our Health Passes cease to function early January.No problem ... go to Doctolib ... and a) the Parc des Exhibitions Centre seems to have vanished, and b), nowhere remotely near Poitiers has any available slots whatsoever, until mid January. We can find slots fairly soon at Loudun and Chatellerault, but they are far too far from us!Can everywhere around Poitiers really be fully booked up, or is there some glitch?

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Keep trying….the available dates for appts changes daily. Try your local pharmacy…they do the jabs too. 

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 Thanks for reply. That seems to be correct in theory, but, if I get to see dates at all, they are now generally mid to late January. It's heartening I suppose to see overwhelming interest in getting covid jabs, but surely this experience indicates that either more centres need to open, or more vaccine/vaccinators need to be in place. Tried ringing a local doctor, but still waiting for promised call back! The local pharmacy option sunds good, will see how things pan out next time we leave here.

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