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Hi Does does anyone know where I can buy chalk paint, my post code is 16480. Thanks

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Just a quick question. I live near to Mirambeau, we are plagued by mosquitors all year. This year seems to be worse than ever!.. can't leave the house without a bite. Does anyone else have this problem?. Seriously thinking of moving  back to the U K.  Thanks in advance.

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I need to put two lintels in to create a French door opening and a window opening on ground floor off two storey house. Brothers builders have left two unused terra cotta u section lintel formers (I assume that's what they are). Cannot find any info, the worry is they are double skinned with an air gap even at the weight bearing points, so surely they will just collapse the 1cm air gap......what am I not understanding please? Have acro props and can get reinforcing steel, its the terra cotta idea I haven't come across before.Thanks!

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Hi AllCan anyone give me any advice please I started to remove the tiles (roman) yesterday to do some work an the roof and replace a few broken tiles, when I moved one of the tiles I disturbed a wasps nest only very small but it had some very angry wasps round it and I got stung twice ouch!!! I bought an areosol and sprayed them but when I sttod and had a good look at the roof there are a lot of wasps going under the tiles in lots of different places so to spray all this is not possible as you can not get under the tiles until you move them and I am sure I will get stung again in the process. So I would like to know if anyone has any ideas of the best way to go with this problem, I know to go down the pub will be a good idea but it won't mend my roof lol.Jeanette

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Gents, Ladies, Perhaps someone knows of good, reliable plasterer who will/would serve Rochefort for two areas one being part of a ceiling?

started by: geoff-yarrow-871370 · last update: 1644430256 · posted: 1644230445

Went to use tractor mower this morning to discover clutch will not engage.  Does anyone know of a person who visits to provide repairs? 

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Hello. We desperately need to find out when our Darty delivery is coming today. No-one has texted us as promised (probably because we don’t have a French landline only a uk mobile). I need to know when this is coming as we have to take my disabled husband to an important appointment.  I’ve tried calling them but can’t make head nor tail of their message. Is there an English speaking person who can help at Darty does anyone know?

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Hi wondering if there is anyone in the charente maritime area who can advise / install a suitable system for me so I can watch sky/ BBC Iplayer? netflix/ apple tv etc. I currently have an old sky HD box which I use with  my smart TV to get some uk channels and I have a subscription to Netflix. I was thinking of renewing my sky account but unsure of its reliability over here post brexit. I was also looking at a humax box as a possible option but I am not sure oft he set up ect. Is there anyone in the area who can advise and install a suitable package for me to so I can watch and record my programmes. I live in 17470. Thanks

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Can anybody tell me who I need to contact to arrange an electricity supply in area 16. Also do I need to make any kind of provision for their equipment inside the property? 

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I have discovered that we have Pine Martens (Martre) in the space between the tiles and the insulation in our roof. How do we reliably get rid of them? I understand that they are a European Protected Species!!!! HELP!!

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hi, does anyone know where to hire a mini digger,i need one for a week starting from 23rd of september but i only want a digger and not the driver/operator.im in the northern part of dept 16.many thanks

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We will be shortly moving to a new house with a large plot which needs to be turned into a garden. Can anybody reccommend a garden centre or nursery - ideally one which will offer 'trade prices' given that we will be looking to buy many trees and shrubs, grass seed etc. We will also be looking to buy a polytunnel.

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Please can anyone recommend someone to bring my ebay kitchen over to Deux Sevres? I did the same thing some years ago but no longer have the details of the person involved. Any names to avoid would also be welcome! Thanks in advance.

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Just moving to France at the end of the month.  How do I contact SIAEP and let them know we are moving into the house and that we need the water account to be in our name.

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Hi We live near Confolens. Does anyone know a company who will repair electric swimming pool covers? Thanks

started by: Neuvy · last update: 1627122587 · posted: 1627122587

Can anyone recommend a plumber, and a carpenter/handyman in the Secondigny area. Having trouble finding someone to give the estimate once they've been here and seen the jobs. I'm looking for someone French or English, polite and professional.

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Can anyone recommend someone to look at my ringmaster think it needs a new element

started by: SingleInFrance-556862 · last update: 1625496760 · posted: 1625496760

I am looking for someone who has the tools and can cut a hedge down in height. The hedge is 21m of Leylandii which have grown to 7m+ in height. I need it cutting back in height and the debris disposing of. The property is near St Hermine in 85210. Thank you 

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Hi, We have a cottage in a hamlet near Civray, which we haven't been able to visit for a couple of years because of Covid etc.  We've now heard that the friend who has cut our grass for years won't be able to do it any more. Does anyone know someone who might take this on? There's about a quarter of an acre of grass. 

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HiAt last we have sold the UK house and are ready to get the contents shipped to our storage site. Covid 19 isolation restrictions have meant I've not been able to get back as easily as hoped.The contents of our home are due to arrive on Saturday morning 19th June, but the barn needs some space clearing to be able to pile the contents inside.Shipping to the Villefagnan 16240 area, I'm looking for someone willing and able to do a few hours tidy up inside the barn (assisted by my local buddy) before the goodies arrive.Deadline to get the space cleared is 18th June, but I should be able to arrange for the assistant pair of hands anytime between now and the 18th. There's a cash bounty for the willing additional pair of hands.If you can help or know someone who may be willing and able please reply to this message or contact direct at:house@laulind.co.ukCheers Ken M

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