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HiAt last we have sold the UK house and are ready to get the contents shipped to our storage site. Covid 19 isolation restrictions have meant I've not been able to get back as easily as hoped.The contents of our home are due to arrive on Saturday morning 19th June, but the barn needs some space clearing to be able to pile the contents inside.Shipping to the Villefagnan 16240 area, I'm looking for someone willing and able to do a few hours tidy up inside the barn (assisted by my local buddy) before the goodies arrive.Deadline to get the space cleared is 18th June, but I should be able to arrange for the assistant pair of hands anytime between now and the 18th. There's a cash bounty for the willing additional pair of hands.If you can help or know someone who may be willing and able please reply to this message or contact direct at:house@laulind.co.ukCheers Ken M

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Hello/Bonjour -We are coming to our newly purchased home in Chabanais in late July.  Our house is empty with no furniture!  I am looking for advice on where to shop for the essentials as well as furniture (new and antiques).  We literally need almost everything (beds, sofa, tables, kitchen equip, etc).  We will have a rental van to pick up items.  We will have to accomplish all we can in just 5 days or so.  I know we wont get everything we want in 5 days but we have to make some progress to be able to bring the rest of our family on the next trip.  Help!

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are there any showrooms in the Poitou Charente area?

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Hi. We would be grateful if anyone could recommend a qualified tree surgeon in the Charente Maritime/Deux Sevres area? No problems if they are French or English!

started by: Scrawp · last update: 1620380869 · posted: 1620380869

Due to arthritis, am unable to get in and out of bath.  Looking for builder/plumber to remove bath and install shower.  L'Absie area.

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I have a house in Villars en Pons in 17 which is being refurbished. We are stuck in the UK and I am looking for someone to supervise and maybe organise the completion of the project. Needs groundworks and water and electric connection plus septic tank and then interior plumbing. If anybody knows a contact my e mail is andrewandrewball@aol.com

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Hi does anyone know the going rate per hour to cut grass?. Usually takes about 2hours in total. Area around Mirambeau. Thanks.

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Can anyone tell me if I can hire a machine to do exterior crepi in Bressuire area. Thanks in advance.

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We are looking for an English speaking Computer Technician to install a complete English desktop PC at our home in Dept.16. We live around 8km from Jarnac and the same from Cognac. If you can recommend someone to us please do. Thank you

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Be aware that if you join the above you will be given a temporary phone No. for a fortnight, then put back onto your old No. How Bizare!

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We will be shortly moving to a new house with a large plot which needs to be turned into a garden. Can anybody reccommend a garden centre or nursery - ideally one which will offer 'trade prices' given that we will be looking to buy many trees and shrubs, grass seed etc. We will also be looking to buy a polytunnel.

started by: Beemer-R80RT/K75C · last update: 1609686256 · posted: 1609686256

Need our (50 year old!) Kenwood Mixer 'refurbing'. Anybody know of an agent in the Charente/ Vienne area?

started by: Maradardi Mama-541213 · last update: 1607959778 · posted: 1269295304

Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy plants wholesale? I need at least 60 rosemary and lavender plants. I am in the Charente Maritime near Aulnay.

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Hi allI own a property in Château-Garnier. We have an Orange Live Box that was working up until last week and now won't connect to the internet. I previously had a number for an English Speaking Orange agent. Does anyone have an up to date number please?ThanksMark

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I’m having a logburner installed shortly and in the uk I use briquettes made from sawdustdoes anybody know where I can purchase these near Ruffec dept 16

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Can anyone recommend someone to look at my ringmaster think it needs a new element

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We are am looking for someone to alien my dish and tune it in and set up my TV to work off the Sat dish and/or the orange Livebox, ASAP We live just South of Mirambeau 17150 English Mobile No 0044 7887 863671 House: 0546498617 after 18:00 hrs Thank you for looking Graham & Beth  

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Hello Allmy new neighbour wants to put up a fence on the marked boundary line which is marked as shared. He said he will put his new fence 5 cm his side of the marker is this the correct distance as I do not agree with it.

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Recommendations  for someone to install a woodburner, registered

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Hello I'm desperately looking for a house to rent from the 7 03 to 15 07 max 20km around loudun

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