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For some time, we've had a slow broadband internet speed so we contacted the English Speaking Service of Orange and they told us that we had  'Dynamic Line Management'  filter on our line.  The man explained that this is a system whereby it slows the speed but keeps the connection on an unstable line.  He confirmed that our line was in good order and took the filter off and hey presto, we got really good speeds, in fact it was 3 times faster than we've ever had before.   However, the speed is going down each day and is getting slower and slower.  On checking the internet regarding DLM is appears that it is an automatic system and 'rights' itself when the line is more stable.   Has anyone had any experience of this or can offer any useful help and advice before I contact Orange again. Many thanks.

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We will be shortly moving to a new house with a large plot which needs to be turned into a garden. Can anybody reccommend a garden centre or nursery - ideally one which will offer 'trade prices' given that we will be looking to buy many trees and shrubs, grass seed etc. We will also be looking to buy a polytunnel.

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Can anyone recommend someone to look at my ringmaster think it needs a new element

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We are am looking for someone to alien my dish and tune it in and set up my TV to work off the Sat dish and/or the orange Livebox, ASAP We live just South of Mirambeau 17150 English Mobile No 0044 7887 863671 House: 0546498617 after 18:00 hrs Thank you for looking Graham & Beth  

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Can anyone recommend somewhere where I can buy plants wholesale? I need at least 60 rosemary and lavender plants. I am in the Charente Maritime near Aulnay.

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Hello Allmy new neighbour wants to put up a fence on the marked boundary line which is marked as shared. He said he will put his new fence 5 cm his side of the marker is this the correct distance as I do not agree with it.

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Recommendations  for someone to install a woodburner, registered

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Hello I'm desperately looking for a house to rent from the 7 03 to 15 07 max 20km around loudun

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Can anyone recommend someone to repair a range master oven think the element has gone

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Hi, the sad time has come to sell up in France and move back to the UK. My house is in 17400. Please can you advise me on where is best and quickest to sell any household furniture / items And how I might find any vans or part loads Going from my region to Kent, UK? Thank you in advance.

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Hose pipe ban Does anybody know if we are still officially on a hosepipe ban ,I would like to fill our above ground (Small ) pool .People say you can ask the pompiers to fill it for you in return they can use the water in an emergency if no hydrant about ????. Thank you

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We are a retired English couple who, after living in France for 20 Years moved back to the U K some 8 years ago . We both still miss France and usually drive down through France to Spain in the winter . So, on our way to Spain we were thinking that maybe someone would like a house sitting guest to look after their animals/ home whilst they are maybe visiting family over the holidays or indeed anytime from early December .We understand this would not be an easy decision to let an unknown (to you) couple into you home , but if you are interested then please feel free to ask any questions . We love all animals and would treat your home and animals as we would our own . The period could be from a few days up to 2 weeks and then we can drive down to Spain . If you are interested then i will forward you our home phone number , e mail address and mobile No.Regards........John

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Hi all I am looking for some Perspex about 2m square, does anyone know where I can find some? Chasseneuil area. Thanks, and a Happy New Year to all!      

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Hi we are looking for someone to manage a rental property in Secondiny area for change overs between Air B & B rentals etc. Ideally English speaking. Flexible dates. Please get in touch. Many thanks

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Hi, does anyone know of a good fridge/freezer engineer in dept 16 please?, both have stopped working but are relatively new so would rather attempt a repair rather than replace.Thanks

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Perhaps share an IKEA order to RUFFEC area to save on delivery charge?

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Anyone going to visit IKEA or have one for sale? 

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We have frelons nesting in the chimney pipe of our woodburner.    They were crawling out of the open air vents but we have now closed them so they are contained.    I looked for info on the internet and the advice given was to leave them until the Autumn when they would disappear.   Does anyone have any experience of this problem?

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hello  does anyone no any cleaners in 36220 area thanks

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Hello can anyone tell me if there is a solution to a poor mobile phone signal, my house and garden seem to be a dead zone and I am unable to make or receive calls on my mobile. thanksAngela

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