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Hi, Just lately our fire will not go blue, I cleaned the filter and was ok for one night.Next night it was yellow again, cleaned the filter still yellow.looked for sludge in the tank but clean.Have run out of ideas, can anyone help please?Thanks B&P

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Jose-Kadio 1519407196

First, I would install a carbon monoxide detector, unless you want or that is the plan.

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Intheshed 1519409101

On the assumption this is a De Ville? You might want to check the flue. If the draw is down, it will affect the air/fuel vapour mix.

barryandpat-550891 1519418062

Thanks , I did check that, closed. Could it need decoking?

Intheshed 1519452583

The middle chamber next to the fire pot tends to get coked up and slow things up, so Yes, as B H

barryandpat-550891 1519460839

Thanks I decoked it at the begining, I only did it once last year.

barryandpat-550891 1519660071

realy strange, we lit it again and its been blue eversince, I didnt do anything/

Thank you all B

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