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We are completion on a house in Montmorillon on 1 March and are needing to buy some furniture.  Can anybody recommend a good brocante anywhere in the Vienne departement (or close to it)?

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Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518175281

Whilst I suspect that, in NW 79, it's too far away from you, I have an attic full of furniture, of which I need to dispose, having cleared the house of an elderly neighbour when he went into the local maison de retraite. But if I'm wrong, please feel free to PM me for a list.

Richard-Mortimer-921948 1518175827

Hi Dennis,

Does NW 79 mean the north-west of Deux-Sévres?  For some reason I'm unable to PM you (says page not found).  Can you PM me the list?

Glo-577423 1518179534

There will be an Emmaeus or a Troc near you for sure, if not there are a few around Limoges.

Also, pop into your local tabac and pick up a free copy of the Sortir, a good source including what vide greniers are going on.

rowin-546313 1518183318

Or look on leboncoin. Always bargains on there

Susan-Smith-911131 1518183613

There's a good Emmaeus at Le Blanc open Wednesday and Saturdays and a bigger one and a Troc in Poitiers. 

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518185737

Yes, Richard. The north-west of Deux Sèvres it is.

I'd happily send a list to you - but I'm equally unable to send a PM to you! It seems that this facility is off the Angloinfo menu today. I won't ask you to post your e-mail address publicy but when (if?) the PM facility is reinstated, I'll send a list to you.

Richard-Mortimer-921948 1518185752

What is an Emmeaus and a Troc?

Richard-Mortimer-921948 1518185904

Thanks Dennis.  Out of interest how do you manage to get a grave accent on a standard keyboard??

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518186281

Lateral thinking! If, Richard, you place an advertisement in the 'classified' section saying just, for example, 'furniture wanted', it appears that I can then contact you using the 'e-mail' icon which should appear in your advertisement. And if you then post here to say you've done so, I should be able to send a message to you (says he, with fingers crossed!).

Oh, Emmaus is a charitable organisation with outlets, the length and breadth of France, which sells donated furniture and a huge range of other items and troc is, I think, a depôt vente.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518186341

Try alt + 138 for è!

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518186531

Sorry. That's confusing. I didn't mean to suggest typing a + sign. It's literally hit the Alt key and then, in the numerical section on the far right of your QWERTY keyboard, type 138.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518186593

Either that or buy an AZERTY keyboard!

Richard-Mortimer-921948 1518187172

Hi Dennis

Posted under furniture wanted in Deux-Sevres.  Still having trouble with the accent as I'm on a Mac and don't have an Alt key lol!! - don't have a numerical section on the right either for that matter!

chèvrefeuille 1518188335

Sorry, wrong thread. 

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