Butane Gas Weed burners

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Can anyone recommend one of these things please. Don't really like using chemicals, although I have done in the past. We have about 80/100 sq metres that we need to keep clear. The ones we've seen on online shops, have tiny 8cm gas canisters, which we'd use up in no time.Thanks in advance

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They are alright for keeping weeds from a paved patio or garden path, but I just use boiling water to achieve the same results. Any more than that they are pretty hopeless.  

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For that sort of area, your best bet is to search for a Sheen X300 paraffin fired weed burner, they have a pressure vessel to hold the fluid that you pressurise via the inbuilt hand pump, it's what I use and they totally nuke the area burned such that (for us anyway) it holds back serious growth for up to 5 months, the gas canister burners would be useless to you to be honest, we've got one and it barely touches serious weeds plus they have a very small heat footprint..

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