buying and setting up new tv

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Hi all, would like to buy a new, large tv and get it connected, but not to sky.  Would anyone know of someone who could do this.  I am in Messac.

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chèvrefeuille 1510257387

Do you just want to replace the TV you currently have? If so it will be very straightforward.

knightstyle79 1510267175

What do you want it connected to?  French or UK TV?

Plus connect by internet, satellite or aerial?

Answer this and we can help! 

Ashley-Wykes-914168 1510410792

Hi knightstyle79,

Thanks for the reply.  Looking to get a 40/40 tv and connecting to satellite, which i already have.  Just looking for uk tv.  Currently cannot get access to Satellite.  Could be dodgy aerial connection or in need of a ethernet device.

Ashley-Wykes-914168 1510410879

Hi knightstyle79 - again!

Message should have been TV - 40/42 INCH SCREEN.

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