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Hi wondering if there is anyone in the charente maritime area who can advise / install a suitable system for me so I can watch sky/ BBC Iplayer? netflix/ apple tv etc. I currently have an old sky HD box which I use with  my smart TV to get some uk channels and I have a subscription to Netflix. I was thinking of renewing my sky account but unsure of its reliability over here post brexit. I was also looking at a humax box as a possible option but I am not sure oft he set up ect. Is there anyone in the area who can advise and install a suitable package for me to so I can watch and record my programmes. I live in 17470. Thanks

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Intheshed 1641367115

If you look at the Directory in the heading and clic on entertainment, then Sat/tv

Finniger & Helbach have helped a few people around here in 17, so worth asking them.


barryandpat-550891 1642073936

Hi, We came to 17470 in 2007 fixed up a dish and cable, works fine except when the dish rotted and we put up an aluminium one.

We just have free to air Sky channels, not much on tv nowadays but we can choose free to air french tv aswell, sometimes we can get english on them.

simple really, doesnt require a lot of effort.

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As soon as Sky know you are not in the UK they will close your account. Internet channels in general will need a decent connection and for the likes of Netflix and Iplayer you will need a reliable VPN. If you haven't got Norton 360, its worth looking at as VPN comes with it (you can choose which country you are pretending to be in), though this may not be much use if you are trying to connect through a box rather than a PC.

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If you cant be a--ed to diy then look in connexion newspaper there are a few installers that offer a package to you.

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Can recommend John Aderington on mobile 06 75 89 65 18 very reasonable and quick service....

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