electric blankets and where to buy them

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tawneyx-561588 1512567206

where in france can you buy electric blankets

Fish24 1512568302

Usually either a biggish pharmacie (maybe to order but that is closer if necessary to return OR try a Medical supplier (handicap equipment, etc.) (if there is one near you) OR even a Darty/Conforama type shop.  Wonderful things and I wouldn't be without mine now that it is getting colder!

Bearskin 1512570382


we bought two on amazon fr recently,  good prices

tazzyboy 1512576069

buy on amazon france,BUT be aware some types are shipped from the uk,(this is not mentioned in the ad!)and come with uk plugs,so either an adaptor has to be used or you have to cut the plug off and wire in a french one!

countrydweller 1512577253

Most bigger  supermarkets sell them 

rowin-546313 1512679035

On Amazon fr you just click on the vendor to see where they are. I would be really annoyed to receive a product from Amazon fr with a uk plug on & would return saying it doesn't work "as is "

tazzyboy 1512686475

for me the plug was not a great issue,will change it to a french one,but amazon.fr is another story!!

rowin-546313 1512720532

Yes tazzyboy but ,if you cut off the plug & wire in a french one ,you void the warranty. And I have always found Amazon Fr to be as good as Amazon uk ; both excellent.

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