Fosse septique repairs

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We have a fosse septique that doesn't conform to current standards and which we hope to have replaced shortly. In the meantime though we have a problem with it. it seems as though the water isn't draining off like it should, and the tank fills every few weeks. If possible we'd like the current problem diagnosed and cleared as we're uncertain about when the new one will be installed. There is no end of people who design, build, fit install and generally give advice on, but we haven't managed to find anyone who can sort them out when things go wrong. Does anyone know of a company that does this? We live a few kilometres from St. Jean d'Angely (17) and any advice would be very welcome.

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The tank in a fosse septique should maintain a constant level near the top. Incoming effluent displaces 'treated' water that flows to the drainage field. You don't say if it overflows, if so, then you do have a problem with the outflow.

We had our system completely redone and I did most of it myself, apart from the digging. I don't mind coming over for a look if you PM me. We are in 17250, a bit west of you.


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