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Hi, we think our fosse is full and needs emptying urgently. Does anyone know someone who can do this for us. We are in Ruffec 16700. Thanks 

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CharlieS 1511279260

We use Dempure based in Saintes (about an hour from us, so they cover a large area). Tel: 0546740745. I don't know if they respond quickly though.

In extremis, maybe you could ask at the Mairie if there's a farmer who'll empty it for you.

rollerboy 1511284315

Hello Alathea Fisher - Dutartre are a national outfit that empties and pressure washes our system every 18 months. They have a branch in Ruffec - they come to us from there - 05 45 21 57 43, and it costs around €160 including clearing out the bac de graisse. Your tank should not be overflowing, so if it is you have a blocked outlet.

Intheshed 1511302134

Your fosse should be full. It has a crust on top and incoming effluent displaces treated water that passes to the drainage field. It is how the system works.

So, being full is not a problem, but overflowing is. The solids that settle at the bottom should be sucked out at intervals. Depending on the size and number of occupants, this can very.

Alethea-Fisher-898389 1511340556

Thanks all. I have called Dutatre and they are coming tomorrow. 

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