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I have one of the large Butagaz cylinders in my garden. Has anybody gone through the process of getting Butagaz to take it away? Thank you.

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Southern Guy 1510072657

We had the same, but 2 of them. I used them to make a still... Made some lovely moonshine.. The "owners" would not pick them up.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1510074912

What do you mean by 'large', eastender? Presumably not the standard 13kg bottles.

eastender-918138 1510077761

It's one of very large cylinders that's used if there is no mains gas.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1510086105

We've no mains gas and we use the 13 kg butane bottles - albeit only for the cooker as our water and heating is fueled by oil and wood.

eastender-918138 1510086346

When I say large I mean the type that is about 2 metres long and about a metre in diameter.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1510092927

Now I see what you mean by large. A 13 kg bottle wouldn't come out of its corner with one of those in the ring!

rollerboy 1510138298

Hello eastender - a bulk tank is not easy to dispose of. The way it works is that the gas supplier provides and installs the tank on your prepared foundation for an annual rental of (say) €500 for a term if 9 years, after which the tank becomes your property. But they offer you a one-off payment in lieu of rent of (say) €2000 (which covers their costs). If no rent is payable, the tank is either more than 9 years old, or it was paid off in one go. Either way, it's your tank, not theirs, so getting rid of it is your problem. Mine is still there after 23 years with a trellis screen in front of it ... still works, too!

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1510139598

As an aside, if you are paying a rental of 500€ per annum over nine years or a capitalised rental of 2000€, does the gas work out any cheaper that buying smaller, transportable bottles? What does one pay to buy butane en vrac? Or is it that if one runs the central heating, the water boiler and the cooker using gas, the amount required simply does not make it feasible to use the smaller, transportable bottles? I ask as one who uses butane only to run a cooker.

eastender-918138 1510160559

Thanks rollerboy, we moved in over 12 years ago and paid 800 euros which sounds like a one off payment, although they did come round last year and cleaned it and do check it every couple of years. Looks like I maybe stuck with it.

Intheshed 1510167400

If you have it and it appears to be paid for, why not just enjoy the cheaper gas? No carting bottles to the local agent, or worring about running out when cooking the Xmas turkey :o)  I assume it has a contents guage? So you can occasionally order a top up.

eastender-918138 1510168312

Hi Intheshed. The reason is that I am changing my heating over to Pompe a chaleur system rather than gas central heating so will only have a gas hob that will in future run off the small gas cylinder. As it cost me 1800 euros to fill it up last time it would make it a very expensive gas hob!

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