How to get rid of Pine Martens in my roof?

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I have discovered that we have Pine Martens (Martre) in the space between the tiles and the insulation in our roof. How do we reliably get rid of them? I understand that they are a European Protected Species!!!! HELP!!

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Mothballs - Must be the ones that smell of camphor - they hate the smell of it and will soon move out. We had them in the house we rented, they even ate a hole in the plasteboard ceiling. A packet of mothballs and they moved out that night!

Best of Luck

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By the way they are usually Stone Martens aka Fouine


DebbieR-548385 1396826234 is very useful site for info on Flora and Fauna and Chris Luck who runs the site is a mine of information.

Retiring Jim 1396944884

Managed to get Mothballs from the Ironmongers in Brioux sur Boutonne - no good, not Camphor.

Got some Camphor tablets from the Chemists - now on trial.

Thanks for all of your help.

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Pine martins don't like noise, so if you leave a radio on , they will leave. Once they've gone seal up the area between the tiles and the walls with cement etc to stop them returning.

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Hi Retiring Jim,

I have a similar problem.  They are stone martens and I don't want to harm them. However, I have now noticed a strong oudour coming from the area they are inhabiting and I just want to encourage them to move on.

I would like to know if the camphor tablets worked.  Did you try naphthalene moth balls?

Many thanks



Cressie 1401296709


We had a family of fouines in our roof, in the space between the plasterboard and the tiles, and we tried mothballs ( old fashioned napthalene ones) and loud music, neither of which worked. We also had a revolting smell from them, plus they were very noisy. We invested in a device called Pest Stop, from Amazon, and they left almost immediately. That was 18 months ago, and they have not come back. You plug it into the mains, so we leave it on when we are not in France. 

It wasn't cheap, but we feel it was worth the price. Hope this helps.

Duir&Nion 1401298638

Joss sticks worked for us ! Also blocked up the hole they were using to enter/exit. Shame they had to go - very useful for keeping mice and rats at bay but the smell of rotting leftovers was nasty beyond belief.

Good luck

petgeo-576449 1401307981

Can you explain this comment, please?

petgeo-576449 1401308597

Hi Cressie and Duir and Nion,

Sorry!  My comment was unappropriate as misunderstood the 'Get involved' comment as seen at the bottom of thread.


In fact, I found your comments and advice very useful and will try experimenting with a few things of my own, hopefully without setting the roof alight! 




Retiring Jim 1401313284

Hi there,

the tablets seemed to work, they moved on......

petgeo-576449 1401321720


Bought some camphor tablets earlier today.  Will see how they go and will keep yopu posted.


Many thanks


Chris Luck-106548 1401323988

As has been mentioned by some others they will be Stone Marten, not Pine Marten and they don't live in family groups as such, only a mother and her young will be together. The blokes only contact with the females is for copulation purposes. 

Might also be worth trying a potent essential oil.

Chris in the Vienne

Clarkforce 1401387630


We used a similar device to that described by Cressie. They have not appeared for several years now. We still leave it on when we are in UK as they used to arrive while we were away.

Coopers of Stortford UK catalogue or website was where we first saw the device.

PHILIP-Barlow-961457 1589801529

We have a Pine Marten & kits in the root (Red brown with Tan shield on chest)

These animals are killers, cleaned out neighbors Pigeon loft one by one, local bird nests, and last night attacked our semi-wild cat. She fought back and survived, with minor injury . They were using a tree to get into the roof, we did not want to cut the offending branch because of the Kits, but now that they are big enough to leave home, enough is enough and I  have cut the up branch leaving a weak down branch. Lets hope that does the trick. Tried the noise of other stuff, never worked.

gerrybuckland 1590739459

We had stone martens in the roof, they didn't react to loud music, but camphor mothballs   encouraged them to move out. The difficulty was finding the mothballs - finally found that the herbalist  Larmignat in Chatellerault  sold them. We suspect they also attacked our cats, who needed a lot of care to recover. - they are vicious.

Rachel-Sampson-1015176 1636923296

So, it's camper mothballs to get rid of stone martens is it? The noise machine, could you be more specific please? 

Cherrie&Ian 1637072945

Rachael we tried everything, in the end it was block up all holes and use rat poison everywhere out side .SORRY IT DID NOT FEEL GOOD BUT IT WAS THEM OR US!!

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