I need a locksmith

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Last year I hid some keys to a strong metal cabinet in a safe place & then forgot where I put them. I've looked in every place I can think of to no avail. I now need the services of a realy good locksmith to open it. Based near Montbron (16220). Can someone help?

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ruth-roberts-898305 1515234318

hi,i use to work for yale in the uk,house market etc and securing after evictions.

Oakysmoke 1515235352

Could you call me on 0768788237


Oakysmoke 1515235352

Could you call me on 0768788237


ruth-roberts-898305 1515236447

hi your some 50 miles away from me,the lock can be opened no problem,just a little time needed,but do you have a price in mind for the service.

Oakysmoke 1515238197

The cabinet has two different locks. The keys are complicated. There is a central shaft with two flat plates on either side each with cut-outs. Internally there is another locked compartment with a small key not dissimilar to a Yale. I’m not sure what is an appropriate fee but would you consider 150€ if successful and travelling expenses if not?

ruth-roberts-898305 1515238480

whats the make and model if possible please.

Oakysmoke 1515241485

Can we continue this exchange by email as I don’t wish to reveal too much information on a public forum? Email: oakysmoke@gmail.com

ruth-roberts-898305 1515241996

no problem,talk soon.

Oakysmoke 1515424485

I've been in touch with the supplier of the cabinet but they say that the locks are manufactured in the same Chinese factory as the case itself. There are two 9-lever locks. Do you think it's possible to gain entry without physical damage as the cabinet has a replacement value of about 275€.

Oakysmoke 1517090780

Hi Ruth Roberts

Could you call me on 07 68 78 82 37?

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