Knauf plaster?

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Hello,Does anyone have any ideas as to where I can pick up some Knauf (or similar) multi finish plaster? More specifically one that has a working time of at least an hour. We have tried a couple of readily available French brands and following the manufacturer’s instructions, they all seem to be designed to be used within 20 minutes...before going rock solid. We are between Civray and Couhé and relatively new to the area so have not been to every avialable merchant / brico store, so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks in advance. K

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The best French equivalent is Letuce 2000 available from 3mmm in Ruffec. It is different insomuch as it is a softer lime based plaster which can be applied much thicker than multi finish and leaves you with a 'softer' finish...not polished! It costs around 20 euros per bag of around 35kg.

Alternatively, Eco Entrepot or 'The Shed' as it is known usually have British Multi Finish at around 10 euros. If you Google it the details should be there. They are close to L'ilse Jourdain.

Hope this helps.

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hi, my other half is a plasterer,he often uses lutuce 200 L

and its the L after lutuce that means its slow to go off,around 45 / 50 mins,he says it floats just like multi does ( what ever that means ! )

other wise he can let you have some uk multi fininsh as he is going over next week for his supply from the uk.

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Why use a UK material in a house here when you have the multi finish mentioned.I find it easier to use and gives a more traditional result.

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Knauf have a factory in Richelieu dep 37. You could try them

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