Large quantity of compost in December

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Hi,I am looking to purchase a large quantity of good quality compost to be delivered to my place in Champagne Mouton 16350. Can anyone recommend a place selling it at this time of the year?

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Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1511115426

Compost for what purpose? When we want to apply it on our potager, we source it from the local cattle farmers. However generally it tends to be available only in the spring after the cattle have been turned out and the farmers are mucking out their winter quarters. But that will not be well rotted and so we keep it in our compost bins until the following winter, by when it should be well rotted, and then apply it on the potager. Assuming that you need it before winter 2019, you may be able to find someone with horses which produce more fouled straw bedding than their owners can use and thus they have a good size heap of well rotted manure surplus to their requirements. Otherwise maybe take a look on or - or put a 'wanted' advertisement on these websites?

frog 1 1511116299

Jump in your car and have a ride around

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1511117160

'Winter 2019' is not a very clear description. I should have said 'winter 2018/19', i.e. next winter.

Rebecca-Lavallee-896124 1511237652

Hi, I need the compost to create a "Back to Eden" type garden where one layers newspaper, compost, then wood chips over grass. I will not be using it for a few years though--just getting it going.

Penny76 1511258625

We have a constant supply of horse manure. Our horses are bedded on wood shavings, so usually the muck isn't popular with gardeners, but if you're planning to add wood chip, ours will save you the bother, as it's already incorporated....and free!

We have an easily accessible manure pit, containing more poo than anyone could ever wish for, but you would have to arrange collection.

Penny76 1511258781

Forgot to say that we are near Mauprevoir 86460

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1511287906

If you're creating a 'Back to Eden' garden, I've got a fig tree - so I can supply you with the requisite leaves for garden wear - and an apple tree - to provide a source of knowledge - as well as a good selection of snakes!

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