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can anybody tell me how much it cost to fell a large tree

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rollerboy 1509603965

Hello steph-wren - a competent tree-surgeon charges around €300d per day, and a normal tree is about a day's work to trim, lop, fell, and log. All depends on the tree! Dominic Lunn (L'Homme Vert) cleared a 30' pine and took it all away, but often 'taking it away' can take longer than felling it. Depends on the tree!

rollerboy 1509604047

Hello again - not €300d, but €300 - the 'd' snuck in ... 

Glo-577423 1509611858

Have a chat with a local farmer, will probably do that for you just in return for the wood.

countrydweller 1509614223

Depends if you want your house converted into a bungalow I suppose

steph-wren-913517 1509721048

it is all ready a bungalow thanks for all you help

steph-wren-913517 1509721053

it is all ready a bungalow thanks for all you help

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1509726681

Surely the location of the tree, in the context of what surrounds it, will be the major factor when it comes to cost. A lone tree standing in the middle of a largefield, that doesn't need lopping and can be dropped in any direction with impunity, will probably be cheapest. However if the tree is in the proximity of buildings or suchlike, and has to be lopped and dropped with precision in order to avoid collateral damage, the cost is likely to be significantly more. And as rollerboy has said, if you also want the felled tree cut up and removed from the site, that will escalate the price considerably. And as to the local farmer doing the job just for the right to the wood, that depends on the species of tree. The farmer might do this if it's an oak or ash - but not if it's a poplar!

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