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Does anyone know where we can buy boxes and bubble wrap for moving house

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fenix 1509375614

Leroy Merlins, Castorama and Brico Depot sell them if you are near Ruffec 3MMM's does them too. 

CharlieS 1509376377

BricoMarche sells boxes, bubble wrap, large sticky tape + dispenser etc. Re. bubble wrap, I seem to remember that there were bigger/cheaper rolls in the gardening section for wrapping plants etc. in winter. It wasn't the same 'grade' of wrap but looked OK for many uses.

An 'astuce' for wrapping pictures: buy a roll of underlay for parquet flottant; it's cheap and does the job nicely.

kath68 1509483272

Or, you could post a wanted ad on here, or look through the giveaways. We had a load of boxes and bubble wrap last year which a swapped for a nice bottle of red.

american car 1509522986


where abouts are you!

23904505 1509543011

Is there a NOZ near you ?  They seem to have masses of boxes to chuck out.  Maybe a polite word with them might get you a carfull.   also I notice that Leclerc and HyperU both leave boxes in a central area in the shopping malls for people to take.  Not sure if they'd do but better than nothing.

shegee 1509612097

Thank you all for your help we have now got fixed up and we are busy packing up

kind regards Sheila

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