New wave energies loft insulation for €1

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Hi,  I came across the advertisement , which looks reasonable to say the least , in that government grants to fund loft insulation for €1 I am inclined to think there must be a catch , has anyone tried this ? My loft area does have very age old insulation ,and the house gets extremely cold . i am just wary of filling in the illegibilty form and getting roped into something regrettable  ,assuming illegibility. regards, Brian.

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Nipper 1518711056

We applied - no-one phoned to make an appointment.  Had a strange call and asked if they spoke English, they hung up. 

misterbee-550081 1518711380

Thanks :)

Josephine-Blogger-853338 1518715697

Read the small print. I looked into a govt run scheme (ANAH) a few years back and it said that if you sold the property within 10 years of having the work done, or stopped using it as your résidence principale, you had to repay the whole of the grant.

Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1518718017

Thank you, Josephine. That's helpful. A number of flyers for this offer have appeared in our publicité recently and it did seem too good to be true. But I suppose that if your loft needs insulation and you don't have the intention to make your home a maison secondaire or move soon, it might be worthwhile investigating - even if one only views the grant as an interest free loan.

MartinM-10056143 1518719037

We had ours done 12 months ago. Great scheme funded by the government in order to help meet their emissions targets, and aimed at helping those with low incomes reduce their energy costs. 

We had 30cm of insulation added for 1€.

They are coming back in the next couple of weeks to insulate the 'cave' for zero €

Toothy 1518731369

So where do we apply for it then? - and what conditions do we have to meet to qualify for it?

celia lougher 1518771621

Not a con , have had mine done for 1 euro and has made a huge difference  , it is income based so you might have to pay something.

Look on site CALCULEO  all info on all types of grants  can apply on line .

misterbee-550081 1518790946

I work full-time in the UK, Would definately have to read the small-print, the AD is in the February edition, business directory ," etcetera online France" , available in PDF .

Nice-Sunshine 1518793394

The small print will say that it has to be a primary resident and that the owner pays taxes ( income) in France. Holiday homes for immigrants do not get the benefit of reduced tax d'Hab, energy saving reductions-rebates or anything offered by the State. More than likely, you will pay more to pay for the discounts for French residents.

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