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Hi, Looking for a recommended double glazing window installer. We are in Chatain, 86250. Advice and price required for supply & installation of new large aspect window with shutters into and existing outside South facing wall. Additionally, replacement of some "blown" double glazed window panes into original wooden windows.  I have looked and asked in the "Directory" but no joy!  Thank you. 

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the.mail 1510831999

I can't give you the name of an installer although there might be one in the business directory on AI. 

This might be of interest to you( if relevant)

the.mail 1510832059

yes always read the post to the end;you checked the directory

countrydweller 1510835484

Somewhere near you there will be a "menuiserie" They do windows shutters and doors plus you have the advantage of a local person who will want to be seen to do a good job at a fair price Plus if there are problems you can go and see them rather than trying to phone a call centre.And do not forget the tax credits available as the.mail has pointed out

alanjcoote 1510906383

Thank you, quite happy to use a local Artisan. I intended to try a recommend to start with.

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