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I am considering buying a 7 kw pellet stove for secondary heating . Can anyone with experience comment on a salesman's claim that one can be run for over 48 hours on one 15 k sac of pellets please ?

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celia lougher 1510332330

I have been looking at pellet stoves for a rented house , why go to a salesman when you can buy on line with all info re performance  heat output and consommation . Several good sites with price reductions  eg last years colours .   Poele Discount , Mano Mano  etc.

ric-567574 1510335930

My only advice would be not to buy a cheap one.My brother in law made that mistake and it made so much noise he couldn't hear the telly.

rollerboy 1510341922

Hello fish16 - we put in a 7Kw pellet stove 5 years ago as a secondary source of heating - an EcoForest Vigo Diamante. It's in the salon, about 150cu:m:, and is more than adequate running at its lowest setting (Level 1). You can hear the fan, but it is faint background noise only - it gets noisier as you increase speed (naturally - all fans do), but is still acceptable at Level 5 if you can stand the heat! Your salesman sounds optimistic, though. Ours will run at Level 1 for 24 hours on a 15kg bag of Zenith pellets - that is usually 3 or 4 days worth, which reduces our oil consumption as a bonus. Annual servicing is recommended at around €90 a throw. Cleaning out every 3 days or so takes less than 5 minutes. A very far cry from the old days of woodburners, which are very charismatic slavemasters. The drawback is that if the power goes off, it stops.

fish16-566296 1510396499

Thanks for your comments , I'm still undecided ! I didn't seek out a salesman , it was just a guy in the local brico shop ,  where the prices seem cheaper than on line , I have to say . 

E8PUG91 1510415354

We bought ours from Bricorama when they had 15% off the price and put voucher towards pipe etc.Stove was €960.Our other which is in the gite was €990 minus 15% so was even cheaper!Both are Beststove Nemo which use more expensive marques internal parts.Our Bricorama in Royan have a 10kw Bestove for around the €1000 mark.Our 7kw stove heats our 50 sqm salon and is using a bag of pellets every 2 days at the moment.Consumption may increase as year progresses but still cheaper way of heating.We set to 20° in day and 18° at night and just let it do it's thing.Heat rises to keep your bedroom directly above ok.Not massively warm but coming from Derbyshire Peak District we are ok

fish16-566296 1510432882

Very interesting E8 , ps I'm from Derbyshire too !

fish16-566296 1510432898

Very interesting E8 , ps I'm from Derbyshire too !

E8PUG91 1510434100

No kidding!Moved from Bakewell last March so first winter here,but visited the Sainte/Royan area at all times of year and settled in St Savinien.

countrydweller 1510677123

Buy the best you can afford Problems include -noisy fans (even before the bearings go) the electronic control board going wrong the augur on the hopper seizing up(both costing mega bucks) the heat coming out at waist level power cuts meaning you cannot use it etc Most of the faults happen a month after the guarantee runs out!

Take your time and really look into what models do what

E8PUG91 1510687421

Oh dear countrydweller.Sounds like you had a bad experience with this choice of heating.Are they not becoming more popular?Suppose wood is ok but i am of the opinion that pellets are cleaner,more cost effective and easier to store.Re. The noise of the fan dont bother me cos according to my wife,i'm deaf anyway.

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