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Can anyone recommend someone or Co.  to install pvc windows and doors.  Poitou Charente area.  Thanks

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jon mon-631802 1519225619

I can recommend someone but I think you will have to pm for the details.


countrydweller 1519230901

Just double check with your Marie if they will allow PVC windows in your particular house and what paper work  if any is required

frog 1 1519241113

Where are you?someone local would be the 1st port of call

rollerboy 1519244441

Hello millyB - I always recommend the people that did all 17 of ours 12 years ago, and they're still good as new. Efficient and reasonably priced, including 2 very large windows and 2 sets of French doors. The company is named 'Menuiserie 2000' at Les Chauvauds, on the old RN10 leading into Angouleme - 05 45 39 62 48. There was a little humming and hahing from the Mairie, but it was all sorted out with the company - we agreed the new PVC windows should be made to look like the old ones, with panes - we wanted that anyway - and they did a very good job at matching them closely. But the pane dividers are internal, between the double glazing, so cleaning the windows is a breeze compared to the previous 312 individual panes - that alone was worth the cost!

countrydweller 1519290121

Yes I would always recommend using a local company if you can such as your menuiserie They will know what the Marie will allow and will be able to help sort out problems And if any of the windows go wrong there will be there to sort it 

Glo-577423 1519300713


If you must have plastic windows then I would agree that you need to speak to the mairie and to follow traditional charentaise window pattern.

millyB-989495 1519301814

Thankyou all for your replies, yes l have checked with the Marie and yes if l had a traditional house l would have traditional windows, but it is a new modern house therefore plastic windows!

JB 1519315103

Nord Charente Bois in Ruffec supply and fit PVC doors and windows. They are near Leclerc and McDonalds soneasy to find. 

JuneSB-546581 1519599866

Hi, we used Carl Hewson who runs “Lion Rouge”. He covers Poitou Charente and is brilliant. Came quickly, quoted us when he was here, gave us a time frame, stuck to it and installed everything perfectly. Communicated well by email so we knew exactly when he would arrive. No mistakes, no extras, clean. Can’t recommend him highly enough. His website has details and LOTS of testimonials. 

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