Receiving free French TV via satellite.

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I am hoping that I can set up a satellite dish and align with french satellite, run coaxial cable to receiver box and then view through HDMI on my TV.If this is is correct what type and where can I buy the receiver box to accomplish?Thank you

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Groucho 1517656611

Orange do a TV receiver box as do SFR.  Do you have Orange internet/phone line?  If you do you should have been given a TV box.

mark60 1517660995

Hi, thanks for your info. We recently took up an Orange home phone/internet and mobile phone contract. When asked if we wanted a TV box we answered no as we thought this would incur a regular extra cost. We are looking for free TV similar to freeview UK.



bill-hughes-892494 1517661054

That's interesting Grouch0 as I have had Orange phone line and internet for 7 years and have never been offered a tv receiver box or do you have to apply for one.

chèvrefeuille 1517662705

Orange TV is an option. If you want to watch French TV the simplest way is to use a standard rooftop aerial and your TV’s built in receiver. If your TV is not up to date enough to have a HQ ‘Freeview’ receiver you can buy a TNT receiver for about €20 from any decent supermarket. 

mark60 1517663612

Our house is located low to surrounding area and rooftop aerial would not be an option. Our main objective is to gain free french tv similar to freeview in UK. 

So going back to my original post, can I buy a receiver to pick up free french tv from a satellite dish. Would a UK sourced HD skybox do the job ?

Thank you

John-Halford 1517664239

look at for all the information..This is the simplest option - plug n play. Otherwise, go to your local DIY shop, purchase a 60cm dish, lnb, dish holder, cable and satellite receiver then hook it all up. Some shops have a "kit" to receive France tv thru satellite which includes everything but the mounting brackets..

chèvrefeuille 1517671841

My house is low down yet I perfect TNT reception via a conventional aerial. Do none of the houses in your area access TV that way? If you insist on going for a satellite based TNT system you can buy the decoder boxes alongside the ones I mentioned before. I thought most Freeview in the UK was accessed via conventional aerials not satellite. 

mark60 1517680336

Thank you all for your help. I will try the aerial and decoder boxes to tv via HDMI cable. 

The Grocer 1518126928

I have Orange internet / phone and the TV decoder box was given to me free....

barryandpat-550891 1518439333

try toptvinternet is on special offer

CharlieS 1518447256

This looks quite interesting B&P, thanks.

Do you have one of these? How well does it work?

I see that the spiel says that most TV stations only need a bandwidth of 0.4Mb/sec which is quite surprising. 

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