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We recently moved into SW France and the property has a recently installed Septic Fosse. As I know very little about the design/set up of these systems can anyone help with the following:1. It would seem that the green plastic push on lids have lost the swivel clamp screw/plate that secures them in place. Do these form a better seal as well as preventing easy access? (If not can anything else be used to seal?) Are these securing plates/screws easily available?2. Can anyone recommend a website that will give some information to how these systems work and whether there is any regular servicing I can do to benefit their working. Thank youMark 17330.

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Dennis-Diogenes-901492 1512213668

Is it a fosse septique or a fosse toutes eaux? If, as you say, it was recently installed, I'd suspect it is the latter. I wouldn't envisage the appropriate authority sanctioning the installation of a fosse septique nowadays - although one can't ignore the possibility that the previous owner installed such without the necessary sanction and permissions.

Glo-577423 1512220653

You should have had the paperwork from SPANC with your conveyancing documents, this should then clarify things for you.

countrydweller 1512223172

Well I will be helpful-Firstly I think you will find that the green "push on lids" are actually screw on lids 

Secondly a fosse works by bacteria digesting the waste matter in the first part of the fosse then the liquid that is left flows into the second part of the fosse and into the filter bed.Gas is expelled via a vent pipe It therefore follows that you shoud not use large quantities of bleach or anti bacterial products as these cause the fosse to stop working and the pipe work to block up As we know Brits lve to flush all sorts of stuff down the loo but do not put things such as wet wipes floss cotton buds in fact anything that is not waste matter You are best advised to use 2 ply tissue as thicker luxury brands can cause blockages by slow decomposition You can buy products in supermarkets etc to help with the workings of your fosse or put live yoghurt down You may also have a grease trap which as it s name implies stops grease etc going into the fosse Again this needs a product to break down the fat and avoid putting large amounts of grease eg from roast dinners down the sink.A cared for fosse should work without emptying but the regs say it should be done every 4 years This site might be useful

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CharlieS 1512226639

Glo is right - part of the diagnostic report for the house purchase should be by the water authority to confirm that the fosse is in good order (or otherwise, specifying what's needed to get it up to scratch). We live in 17 and when we put in our new fosse we had to go to Syndicat des Eaux 17. Website

Countrydweller's response is really helpful too.

Come to think of it, I'm surprised that it hasn't been 'reported'!!

chèvrefeuille 1512241757

I used to have a plaque bought fro a yacht chandlers that said, ‘Except for toilet paper, do not put anything into the toilet unless you have eaten it first.’ You wouldn’t have to change it too much to make it apply to a fosse as well.

countrydweller 1512293067

CharlieS I am disappointed as well 

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